Our bank has been working at the financial and credit market of Ukraine for seven years now. It was registered at the National Bank of Ukraine on October 2, 1991. We have achieved a certain measure of a positive image. All these seven years we have kept a high ra-ting in assessment by experts and the media.
The Joint-Stock AGIO Bank has a reasonably good reputation at the international financial and credit market. Its reliability and stability, confirmed by the authority of the KPMG, one of the best known audit firms that has been co-operating with the AGIO Bank, have become a foundation for conducting mutual work in long-term crediting of small- and medium-sized companies with authoritative international organisations, such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Ukrainian-German Fund, the Eurasia Fund and others.
We are active at both the stock exchange and currency markets. We have over a hundred correspondent banks.
We offer our clients to use the electronic bank-client system of payments. We can put a client on the Internet system so that the client can get whatever information he needs from this system.
We pay due attention to all our clients. Within the framework of our bank we have created a separate department whose specific aim is to work with corporate clients. Every client (or anybody else, for that matter) of our bank can turn to it for help in solving a misunderstanding or a problem that may have arisen in dealing with our bank.
Today the AGIO Bank serves 12,000 clients. More than three hundred of their accounts are open and have been
affective since 1991- early 1992. We have gone through all the hard times of building up the independent Ukrainian state and creating a completely new banking system in Ukraine. The AGIO Bank has gone through all this with its clients and hopes for further co-operation.
We consider the creation of an efficient bank structure made up of highly professional employees and experts in banking to be our main achievement since the foundation of the AGIO Bank. We have gained a considerable experience of practical work in different sectors of the financial-credit market. Stanislav Arzhevitin, the Chairman of the Board of our Bank, enjoys authority among the banking and public circles. He has recently been elected the Head of the Council of the Association of Ukrainian Banks.
Last year we began renovation of a buil-ding in which the bank is to be housed and making it more suitable for the work of a bank. A hundred years ago this building belonged to H. Faler, a producer and trader of furniture. It is situated in the Velyka Vasylkivska (Chervonoarmiyska) Street. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century the building housed in succession: a furniture store; a toy store; offices of Brockhause and Efron Publishers. After the Revolution of 1917 it was turned into a regular apartment house with several families living in each apartment and sharing one kitchen.
We hope the AGIO Bank that now owns this building rather than rents it, will work successfully for many years to come right in the central part of town. Starting from the second half of 1998 the AGIO Bank will put all its departments which deal with its clients who are legal persons,in this building and will be able to provide such clients with the whole spectrum of banking services.
The AGIO Bank looks into the future as the bankers have long realised that investing into the children of today equals investment into the future of Ukraine and the bank itself. A programme for encouraging very young people to choose banking as their future careers has been in operation for several years now.
The Bankers from Childhood Programme provides children attending hobby groups with interesting information dealing with banking, and high school students who attend the AGIO Saturday School get acquainted in more detail with the principles of banking. Those who want to pursue the career of a banker upon their graduation from secondary school can go to study at the AGIO College from which the first trainees were graduated in 1997. Within the same educational framework the AGIO Bank is planning to launch a children’s bank.

If you have become interested by reading this piece of information about the AGIO Bank, we hope that you will become a client of the AGIO Bank, a reliable, reasonably conservative, stable bank which does not promise anything it cannot do but it always keeps its word.
We are always glad to have a new client!
All kinds of banking services are executed on the basis of the general licence of NBU number 4, of July 2, 1996.10, Chervonoarmiys'ka St., Kyiv, 252011, Ukraine. Tel.: 380 (44) 224-6350. Telex: 631065 AGGIOUX, S.W.F.T. BIG: AGGIUAUX