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Hotel “Rus”, office 3-04,
4, Hospitalna St., Kyiv,
252023, Ukraine
Tel.: 380 (44) 294-3111 (multilines)
Fax: 380 (44) 220-5446

14, Pushkinska St.,
Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel.: 380 (44) 244-9185, 228-3835

Hotel “Dnipro”
Tel.: 380 (44) 291-8433

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

70, Sorokaritchya Zhovtnya Av., "Myr" Hotel,
Kyiv, 252109, Ukraine
Tel.: 380 (44) 264-1184.
Fax: 380(44) 264-9327

Hamalia invites you to travel!
Travel makes life more exciting, travel gives new experiences, travel opens the world. Travel with Hamalia!
Hamalia is a leading tourist company of Ukraine.
Hamalia will take you round Ukraine, a country situated right in the geographical centre of Europe. With a population of more than 50 million people Ukraine is one of the most populated countries of Europe. History of Ukraine spans many centuries. Its towns and cities abound in majestic architectural monuments of the past and present. Ukraine’s climate is mild, landscapes are charming. Ukraine’s culture and traditions are worth exploring.
Come to Ukraine with Hamalia!

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Head office:
22, Peremohy Av., Kyiv, 252055, Ukraine
Tel.: 380 (44) 274-0989, 274-1932, 246-8828
Fax: 380 (44) 274-0127
Licence ? 003019
of the Committee of Ukraine for Tourism
Reference ‹ UAO 070 TUR
16, Lipska St.
Tel.: 380 (44) 293-5754, 293-4998
Fax: 380 (44) 293-8262
10, Velyka Zhytomyrska St.
Tel.: 380 (44) 212-3390, 229-5894
Fax: 380 (44) 212-3390

Regional offices:
Kharkiv 380 (572) 230-756
Odesa 380 (482) 219-326
Zaporizhzhya 380 (612) 399-631
Donets’k 380 (622) 353-731
Poltava 380 (5322) 75-314
The Grand Prix statuette has been created by Roman Chaikovsky, a talented sculptor from Kyiv.
The Grand Prix of the Tourism & Leisure ’97 International Exhibition in the Ukrainian Tourist Organization nomination was awarded to the Hamalia Tourist Company for a considerable contribution to the development of Ukrainian tourism.

33, Tsokolovsky Boulevard, apt.21,
Kyiv, 252087, Ukraine
Tel/Fax: 380(44) 241-0259, 243-2778

  • business trips
  • incentive tours
  • hotel reservations and sightseeing throught Ukraine
  • exhibitions and seminars
  • arrangements
  • educational tourism
  • charter flights

The leading incoming tour operator

If you want to do business with professionals call us:

21, Khreshchatyk St., Kyiv, 252001, Ukraine
Tel.: 380 (44) 228 - 1650, 462 - 0773, 462 - 0776
Fax: 380 (44) 229 - 7916

Yalta Travel Agency was founded in 1894 and thus happens to be the oldest tourist company in Ukraine and Russia.
For more than a hundred years since its foundation the Agency has enjoyed a reputation of a stable and reliable partner in tourist and excursion business. Today the Agency’s personnel is made up of 70 highly-qualified employees.
The Agency sees its main aim in showing guests of Bigger Yalta natural, historical, cultural landmarks and monuments along the Southern Coast of the Crimea and of the whole Crimean Peninsula.
The Agency’s prices for accommodation and health treatment at the best hotels, rest homes and health centres of the Crimean Southern Coast are very moderate. The Agency serves both individual tourists and groups of tourists.


Yalta Travel and Excursion Agency
3, Yekaterynynska St.,
Yalta, 334202, Crimea, Ukraine
Fax: 380 (654) 326-993
Tel.: 380 (654) 320-151, 320-101
Telex: 187110 Yalta UX

Today's Ukraine is rapidly getting integrated into the international community. The number of people who are planning to do business in Ukraine or who are already doing it, is steadily growing. We are a relatively young company but we have already gained quite a lot of experience in different aspects of travel. We offer of a complete package of services, guides, interpreters, business meetings, sightseeing, theatre tickets, etc. We arrange specialized, as well as cultural and entertainment programs.

SVIT-TOUR offers business or leisure trips around Ukraine.
SVIT-TOUR has hundreds of partners both in Ukraine and elsewhere. We are signed agreements with dozens of hotels around Ukraine.
SVIT-TOUR guarantees quality services, reliability and professionalism and will be happy to find new partners.

1-b, Geroyiv Arsenalu St., Kyiv, 252010, Ukraine
Tel: 380 (44) 290-6936, 290-3975.
Tel/fax: 380 (44) 290-2762

This time our company offers you WESTERN UKRAINE tour.
Western regions of Ukraine are a treasury of Ukrainian national culture. WESTERN UKRAINE tour will take you to the most beautiful, most interesting places in Western Ukraine.

TTB, an experienced and reliable Ukrainian tour operator, provides tourist services for foreigners coming to Ukraine, in groups or individually, to have a rest, to meet their families or on business.
TTB offers accommodation at hotels, transfers to and from air- and railway terminals, sightseeing and tailor-made tours, Dnipro–Black Sea cruises, entertainment, services of experienced guides, all kinds of transportation services.

5/7, Taras Shevchenko Blvd.,
Kyiv, 252003, Ukraine
Tel: 380 (44) 244-1292
Tel./fax: 380 (44) 244-1290