Prolisok Provides Exellent Services
The word "Prolisok" in Ukrainian means "a spring flower," "a snowdrop" and is associated with spring, sun and general revival of nature.

There are three restaurants at Prolisok, two of which have been feeding and entertaining famous, wealthy and other categories of guests from all over Ukraine and abroad for quite a long time now. The Khata Karasya Restaurant, designed to look like a typical Ukrainian rural house, offers excellent meals of Ukrainian cuisine. Princesses, diplomats, businessmen, movie and theatre stars have enjoyed food, wine and shows at the restaurant.
Bread, served at the restaurants, is one of the specialities of the Prolisok restaurants. Its aroma is so thick and delicious that the smell alone can feed the hungry. The recipe for making this particular kind of bread had been lost in Ukraine but later discovered again. But the secret of how to make it is carefully guarded.

Prolisok is a tourist complex which is situated in a forest-like park in the outskirts of Kyiv, only a fifteen-minute drive from the centre of the city.
The Prolisok Tourist Complex consists of a three-storey hotel that can accommodate 202 guests, a motel for 40 guests, a camping site with bungalows, three restaurants, four bars, a casino, slot machines, a sauna bath and other facilities.
Prolisok’s restaurants serve delicious food cooked to the best recipes of Ukrainian and European cuisine. The Yaroslaviv Dvir («Prince Yaroslav’s Court») Restaurant is stylised to resemble a Prince’s residence of the very ancient times when our land was called Kyivan-Rus — Ukraine. VIP service enhances the general princely atmosphere. The Khata Karasya («Karas’ Little House») is designed to look like a typical house in a Ukrainian village of the early twentieth century both inside and outside. But the guests can rest assured of quick and unobtrusive service. A wide choice of Ukrainian dishes are always on the menu. Quite a few of distinguished guests have been dined and wined in the restaurant, among them even a Princess (Ann of the British Royal House). All of them have enjoyed the chef’s unfailing mastery of the culinary art. While the guests’ palate is gratified by tasty food, their senses of sight and hearing do not remain idle either as the guests are entertained by Ukrainian folk music-and-dance shows.
The Prolisok Camping Site can receive up to 600 guests at a time.
The parking lot is asphalted and is equipped with everything a parking lot needs.
Parking prices (per twenty four hours):
cars — 4 US dollars;
minibuses — 7 US dollars;
buses, trucks — 12 US dollars.

Prolisok also offers various tours. In fact, it was one of the first Ukrainian tourist companies, after Ukraine had regained her independence, to offer tours of the following kinds:
tourist services throughout Ukraine;
hotel reservations;
car rental;
sightseeing tours;
tours throughout Ukraine.
Prolisok is always happy to welcome guests!

The Prolisok Tourist Complex address:
139, Peremohy Av.,
Kyiv, 252179, Ukraine.
Tel.: 380 (44) 444-9093, 444-1490
Fax: 380 (44) 444-0395