G e n e r a l A g e n c y for T o u r i s m

INTOURS-KIEV will serve the participants of the Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in May 1998. INTOURS-KIEV has won the tender to do it, organized among the tourist companies by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the State Committee of Ukraine for Tourism and the Municipal Council of Kyiv.
INTOURS-KIEV General Agency for Tourism is a tourist company better known among other recently created Ukrainian tourist companies at the world tourist market.It specializes in receiving foreign tourists. INTOURS-KIEV has business contacts with more than 80 tourist companies in many countries of the world.INTOURS-KIEV has a long experience in tourist business in spite of being a recently created company. As appoint of fact, INTOURS-KIEV is a successor to the Intourist Company that was created in 1928 for receiving foreign tourists. Intourist Company was well-known in many countries of the world. INTOURS-KIEV has thus well-established traditions in dealing with foreign tourists. INTOURS-KIEV works along several lines of tourist business but specializes in receiving foreign tourists.
INTOURS-KIEV is highly efficient, it provides excellent services, interesting tours for those who want to see different towns and places of independent Ukraine and come to know its life. INTOURS-KIEV has experienced guides and interpreters. It has a fleet of comfortable buses. It provides accommodation at the best hotels. Employees of INTOURS-KIEV always care for what they do. All of these features make INTOURS-KIEV a worthy partner in tourist business and it is INTOURS-KIEV that many foreign tourist companies seek business contacts with. INTOURS-KIEV activities go beyond Ukraine's limits, it extends to CIS countries as well. INTOURS-KIEV also provides tourist services for guests and participants of international conferences, exhibitions, sports competitions, festivals and all kinds of contests. Its guides and interpreters are collectively fluent in 17 languages.
INTOURS-KIEV offers booking of railroad and air tickets for destinations in Ukraine and in CIS countries and provides transfers in Mercedes buses and cars.

INTOURS-KIEV offers a number of guided tours all around Ukraine with visits
to many places of interest; it takes into consideration wishes of its customers.
Among the tours:

• theatrical tours, with attendance of performances at Opera Houses of Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv whose companies are well-known inside and outside Ukraine, and of concerts of classical and organ music;
• weekend tours, during which one can see a lot of Kyiv, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which is situated on the two opposite banks of the Dnipro river; Kyiv is also ancient town whose history spans more than fifteen hundred years; one will also have an ample chance of learning a lot about Ukrainian culture and everyday life;
• Kyiv Youth tours will not fail to attract students, schoolchildren and young people in general who will have a chance of meeting their age peers and of visiting schools of Kyiv;
• soccer fans are offered tours that will enable them to come to Kyiv and see international games, played in Kyiv;
• visit-your-native-land tours for ethnic Ukrainians of the Ukrainian Diaspora from many countries of the world who are invited to come and see .Ukraine, the land of their ancestors;
• specialized tours for people of different religious confessions catering for their special requests;
• exotic tours ("Dnipro Cruise") taking customers on cruises along the Dnipro river to Odesa and back to Kyiv.

INTOURS-KIEV welcomes foreign guests!
Come to Ukraine, explore it with INTOURS-KIEV!
We are always at your service!

Head Office: 12, Hospytal'na St., Kyiv, 252023, Ukraine
Tel.: 380 (44) 225-3051,224-7552, 224-8939, 225-1210, 224-2325
Fax: 380 (44) 224-8987, 225-3243
Telex: 131138 KINTUX