The FORUM TV Company is the biggest producer of TV programmes about international tourism, and of video films about foreign countries in Ukraine. FORUM-made programmes are shown on five channels of the Ukrainian TV network and are popular with TV audiences.
The First Channel of the National Television of Ukraine shows a popular series of TV films called A HUNDRED WONDERS of the WORLD. The films are shown at the prime time on Thursdays and Sundays and are viewed by numerous TV audiences.A HUNDRED WONDERS of the WORLD films are made to show the most important architectural landmarks, historical and cultural monuments of all times and of all nations of the world. They also present to the TV audiences the greatest achievements of the ancient and modern civilizations.
Making these films, the FORUM TV Company turns for help to the embassies and representations of foreign countries in Ukraine, to the leading tourist and air companies, and such help is always readily given.
Within the period of the last three years the FORUM TV crews shot their films in 22 countries of the world. Dozens of TV films have been made and they have been shown on several TV channels. Today, in addition to showing A HUNDRED WONDERS of the WORLD films, the FORUM TV Company regularly comes on the air with TV programmes called OPEN VISA (two times a week on the Second Channel of the Ukraine's National Television), VISIT, VIDEOTRAVEL (ICTV Channel), TOWNS and CAPITALS of the WORLD (everyday on Regional Kyiv Channels). These programmes have been recently awarded the Grand Prix at the Fourth International Tourist Fair UKRAINE: TOUR & LEISURE' 98.
In March, 1998, the FORUM TV Company released videocassettes with three films from A HUNDRED WONDERS of the WORLD series: ALHAMBRA (Granada, Spain); COLOSSEUM (Rome, Italy); EPHESE (Selsuk, Turkey).
In the nearest future A HUNDRED WONDERS of the WORLD video films will be put on the world's computer network INTERNET ( and released on CD-ROMs.
A number of well-illustrated books under the same general heading will soon be published, and in the meanwhile the International Tourism Magazine publishes chapters from these forthcoming books.
The FORUM TV Company invites other companies and organizations to co-operation.
The FORUM TV Company guarantees that ads and commercials of its sponsors will be shown on TV at the prime time.

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