Bukovyna-Cheremosh Investment Project, Western Region of Ukraine, The Town of Chernivtsi
The town of Chernivtsi and Chernivtsi Oblast are advantageously situated within the western region of Ukraine which has a considerable economic, recreational, and tourist potential. A favourable geographic location, rich natural resources, picturesque landscapes, historical and cultural monuments and landmarks combine to make this area very attractive for potential investors.

The Cheremosh Tourist Complex is situated in the First Mikroraion of Chemivtsi, a major tourist centre, in the scenic neighbourhood of parks and lakes.
Cheremosh was founded in 1986. The Industrial Export Company, Hungary, was commissioned to build it.
Cheremosh offers tourist and hotel services, catering and entertainment, transportation. The Cheremosh Tourist Complex has an average annual turnover of 4.2 million US dollars, with seventy five percent of utilised capacity.
Cheremosh could handle up to 12-15 thousand tourists a year, coming from Eastern and Western Europe, Canada, Great Britain, Israel and CIS countries. The Cheremosh Tourist Complex has had many years of experience in tourist business, it has highly qualified personnel and considerable material resources, it provides better services than any other tourist company in the area and at lower prices. All of this put together may look attractive enough to lure investors. The Bukovyna-Cheremosh Investment Project is a worthwhile undertaking.
The Project aims at renovation of the Tourist Complex, instalment of new equipment, development of the infrastructure, raising quality standards, entering new international tourist markets and thus getting additional profits.
It has been estimated that investments, to ensure the success of the Project, should constitute 2.5 million US dollars.

in Chemivtsi Oblast
13-a, Komarova St., Chemivtsi, 274017, Ukraine.
Tel.: 380 (3722) 47-518, 47-555, 48-765.
Fax: 380 (3722) 41-314.
E-mail: cheremosh@intour.chemovtsy.ua