The Exhibition Company VneshExpoBusiness together with the Information and Advertisement Cartel Four Plus have the honor to invite you to take part in the Financial System of Ukraine — to Society Program and the 6th international Bank & Office — BankLand’98 specialized exhibition. The exhibition will be held on October, 7-11, 1998, in the Congress-Hall of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations & Trade of Ukraine, 8, Lvivska Square, Ukraine, Kyiv.
The major purpose of the program is to promote Financial System of Ukraine and to present the participants of the exhibition — banks, stock exchanges, state regulatory bodies, specialized firms, insurance & investment companies and other financial institutions.
The Financial System of Ukraine — to Society Program includes an extensive schedule of events:
  • Bank & Office — BankLand’98 Exhibition. The organizers prepared a new layout of the BankLand exhibition which will be set up as an operating model of a bank subdivided into Departments reflecting an actual Bank infrastructure. Within the framework of this model, the participants, banks and other financial institutions will have a chance to demonstrate their products and services to the experts and to the public. Visitors to the exhibition will have an opportunity to see the model of the financial system with their own eyes, the way it works and interacts within its subdivisions and the international financial community.
    The traditional exhibit profiles — BankTechno, BankSoft, BankTelecommunication, BankClient, BankAutomation, BankSecurity, BankMoney, BankOffice as well as some new ones — Legal Systems, Investments, Insurance, Leasing, Accounting & Audit will be presented at the exhibition.
  • Conference: The perspectives of development of the banking system of Ukraine. It is planned to discuss problems of the development of the financial system of Ukraine and its influence on the social processes.
  • An educational program: Economics. The World of Money. Banking System. The main target of this program is to attract students of economic colleges and other specialized institutions.
  • Charity and Cultural Actions.

We are looking forward to cooperation and hope to see you among the participants of the Program!
Contact us please on tel.: 380 (44) 212-5973, 212-2493, 573-8091, 573-8291; fax: 212-2982.

Respectfully yours
The Directorate of the Exhibition

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