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Military Parade in Kyiv

O. Kuzhel, an unusual phenomenon
Oleksandra Kuzhel currently holds a ministerial post equal in rank to that of a minister. In the press Mrs Kuzhel has been called "an unusual phenomenon in the Ukrainian politics"; "an exemplary member of government"; "a strong-willed woman of many talents."

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The Pokrova Church in Parkhomivka
Like in any other Christian land, many churches in Ukraine were dedicated to the Virgin Mary, who was regarded as a heavenly protectress of the land. Virgin Mary’s church in the village of Parkhomivka, not far from Kyiv,  is one of the best known churches of its kind in Ukraine. 

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Vivat Academia!
The Kyiv Mohyla Academy is the oldest university in Eastern Europe. The university of long and glorious tradition trains students in many fields. Vyacheslav Bryukhovetsky, president of the University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, answers questions of Welcome to Ukraine magazine.

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Stunts and Ballet 
Anatoliy Zalevsky, 25, performs breath-taking stunts. He has won the gold medal at the Circus of the Future Festival in Paris, the Golden Clown at a contest in Monte Carlo. He has staged a totally new kind of performance. Zalevsky’s Rhizome is a breathtaking show, widely admired everywhere.

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