An artist enters the realm of creation when he leaves the realm of commonplace and everydayness. A painter creates a magic world right on the canvas, using his subconsciousness to derive images from, with his reason having but a feeble control of his art.
Vasyl Kopaihorenko transfers his emotions and feelings onto his canvases. He regards a blank canvas as a cosmic infinity to be filled with pictorial ideas, images and symbols, which could be interpreted in a different way every time you look at them. An emotional state is never stable and one and the same picture can be perceived differently, depending on an emotional state one is in. A canon, a stiff set of principles is totally alien to Kopaihorenko’s art. Life itself changes all the time, and with it changes Kopaihorenko’s view of what a work of art should be. The more spiritual potential he puts into his works, the longer will it provide people who look at them with spiritual energy.
Now we are discovering achievements of art from the earliest times through the entire span of Ukrainian history down to the present day, we are searching for our roots, for national awareness, we are seeking ways to become one with the world community of civilized nations, to share eternal values of humanity.

St Antoniy and St Feodosiy of the Caves. 1995. Oil on canvas.
100 x 90 cm.

Moonlight. 1993. Oil on canvas.
100 x 80 cm.

Kopaihorenko is one of those who is very active in this search. He opens new vistas, he makes us look at the world from a new perspective.
Quite a few of Kopaihorenko’s pictures are devoted to the relations between man and universe, to mythology and beliefs of our ancient Ukrainian ancestors. The artist travelled widely in the Crimea and produced a series of pictures of exotic landscapes and ruins of ancient civilizations.
An artist finds various ways to impress a viewer: by his extraordinary technique, by unusual representations, by scenic effects, plus a lot more. However, probably the most difficult way is to show ideas embodied in pictorial images, which do not need any explanations and are perceived through colours and shapes, somewhat similar to the way music is perceived. In Kopaihorenko’s works colours and shapes are never static, always fluid, like mirages.
Kopaihorenko’s art is open to many interpretations and it is one of its most appealing qualities. In his best creations he has managed to capture the endless variety of manifestations of human spirit.

By Olena Balykova

Illustrated to article