The Central Sports Club of Army (abbreviated CSCA) was set up in Kyiv in 1936 under the auspices of the Army Sports Centre. The CSCA Club was launched to compete with other leading soccer clubs of Kyiv and of the country. It did have an auspicious start, playing well even against the leading side of Ukraine, Kyiv Dynamo.
The war (W.W.II) disrupted peaceful life, sports including. After the war, in 1947, the CSCA Club was resurrected, though under a different name, and it soon rose to soccer prominence in Ukraine, earning the fame of one of the best sides in the country. It played good, aggressive football, beating once in a while leading clubs of Moscow, Leningrad, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Donetsk, Baku which were at that time the major football centres.
In 1952, the CSCA Club, playing then in the Second Division, pushed its way to the semi-final of the Soviet Union Cup which used to be a very tough soccer competition. In 1967, the CSCA Club almost made it to the Top Division. Some of the players — Vitaly Holubev, Yury Istomin, Dmytro Bahrych among them — were later to play for Kyiv Dynamo, other top sides and for the Soviet Union national soccer team.

The CSCA side in attack.

The CSCA-Kyiv Football Club (championship of Ukraine, 98-99).
Volodymyr Troshkin, one of the stars of Kyiv Dynamo in the seventies, began his soccer career in the CSCA Club. Troshkin played for Dynamo in 1975, when Dynamo won the European Cup Winners’ Cup. The CSCA Club continued to supply the leading sides of Ukraine and of the Soviet Union with excellent players. The club had a number of first class coaches and trainers, among them Yury Voynov and Volodymyr Muntyan, who once were soccer stars of Kyiv Dynamo.
After 1991, the year Ukraine gained her independence, the CSCA Club made great strides and joined the clubs of the Top Division, rising once to the fourth place in Ukraine’s national championship. The club’s president V. Topolov hired a good coach, Volodymyr Bezsonov (former Kyiv Dynamo player) who brought his team to play international games for the Cup Winners’ Cup.
The second trainer is Volodymyr Lozynsky, 44, who played for Kyiv Dynamo which won the Soviet Union championship many times over. He played many international games as a Dynamo player and a member of the Soviet Union national team. In 1982, he played at the World Cup. Lozynsky coached other clubs, and in the last six years has been working for the CSCA. Several CSCA Club players have been invited to play for Ukraine’s national team. Eduard Tsykhmeistruk, 26, one of the CSCA Club players, was once included into the list of the 33 Best Soccer Players of Ukraine. He played for the national soccer team of Ukraine and more than any other player of the club he played in the games of his side after it has joined the Top Division (103 games). In 1998, the CSCA played in the final of the Ukraine’s Cup.
There is another CSCA club in Kyiv, CSCA-2, which plays in the First Division and seems to be doing quite well. In fact, there are quite a few Army soccer clubs in Ukraine, which supply the central CSCA with good players. In the city of Lviv, a specialized sports school trains young players for Army soccer clubs.
The CSCA-Kyiv Club, which has good coaches, trainers and promising players, has a considerable potential that, when realized, will put it among the top clubs of Ukraine.
Photos by Olexandr Zadyraka,
Mykola Zatovkanyuk

Ukraine’98 Cup final, CSCA-Kyiv vs Dynamo.

Cup Winners’ Cup, 98-99, CSCA-Kyiv vs Cork-City.

CSCA-Kyiv in a game.

Volodymyr Bezsonov has had a long and successful soccer career. He was born on March 5, 1958. As a member of the Soviet Union soccer team he was the European champion in 1988, received a bronze medal at the Olympic Games of 1980, took part in the World Cup games in 1982, 1986, 1990. As a player for Kyiv Dynamo he was many-times champion of the Soviet Union, won the Soviet Union Cup, and the European Cup Winner’s Cup in 1986, played in the game for the UEFA Supercup in 1987. In 1978, at the age of 19, he was the world junior champion as a member of the Soviet Union team, and was proclaimed the best player of the tournament. He began his career of a coach in Kyiv Dynamo, then worked in Borisphen Club, Boryspil, and from March of last year has been coaching the CSCA-Kyiv Club.