Inha Bahriy, Miss International Tourism, chosen by the Mizhnarodny Turyzm (International Tourism) magazine which was among the information sponsors of the Miss ArtModel beauty contest. She is a student of the Kyiv Trade and Economics University. She is gregarious, plays tennis well, writes songs, both lyrics and music. Her ambition is to become a top model and see the world.

They enhanced the festive mood of the day of Kyiv

The Day of Kyiv is probably the most exciting cultural annual event in town lavishly celebrated at the end of May. With the passage of years it has grown considerably in scale and should be more properly called “days of Kyiv” rather than just a “day.” Art and flower exhibitions, rock shows and classical music concerts, theatrical performances of all kinds draw capacity crowds.

Festively dressed people fill the squares and streets of Kyiv. Hundreds of makeshift kiosks provide a wide choice of drinks and fast food. The atmosphere is cheerful, smiles are on all the faces. Probably, the general mood is best reflected in the inscription: “I Love You!” on the bright multicoloured balloons flying above the heads of the gaily dressed throng in the festively decorated streets. Within the framework of the Day of Kyiv celebrations an international theatrical festival took place in town, starting on May 19 and climaxing on May 30. The Festival has been aptly called “Kyiv Travnevy” (“Kyiv in the month of May”). All kinds of performing arts and related happenings were represented at the Festival designed to add its own cultural touch to the Day of Kyiv celebrations. A students’ festival, a children’s festival, a sports festival, a sister-cities’ festival, a beauty contest, a carnival in the main street, and a gala concert in the main square are all part of the Kyiv Travnevy Festival. The organizers have done their best to have modern music, youth and pop cultures well represented. All tastes were catered to. The Miss ArtModel beauty contest is part of the Festival. It has been designed as a colourful theatrical show. The ArtModel (a model agency specializing in searching for and training models for fashion shows) initiated the contest with a view of involving beautiful long-legged girls who in addition to their good looks should also possess artistic qualities, be persons of many interests, artists in their hearts. To find a girl who would combine all these qualities is not a very easy thing to do. And the girls should be over 18, not professional models, interested in art, fully formed personalities.
Kateryna Marchenko, a model walk teacher, showing a dress from the Consuelo collection by designer Olga Filenko.

Natalya Maksymova,
a Miss ArtModel contestant.

Zhanna Melnychenko,
a Miss ArtModel contestant.

Svitlana Yeremenko,
a Miss ArtModel contestant

Tamila Shevchenko,
a Miss ArtModel contestant.
The ArtModel agents were looking for girls who would meet these stringent requirements in colleges; ads were posted in newspapers and magazines; announcements were made on the radio for two weeks running. The girls who were selected to take part in the final contest were trained in the basics of graceful movement, proper walking, presenting oneself to the best advantage.

Natalya Kushnir,
Miss Mary Kay.

Tetyana Nykolayeva, Miss Artistic Image, the winner of the prize from painters Natalya Fandikova and Serhiy Kolmykov.

Olena Hlatushchenko,
Vice Miss ArtModel.

Natalya Babych,
Vice Miss ArtModel.
ArtModel contestants showing dresses designed by Kristina Bobkova. Ekzotyca Collection designed
by Diana Dorozhkina.
Dao Collection designed
by Ilona Kutz.

Yana Malenko, Miss ArtModel and Miss Fortuna.
All the training was offered free of charge. The ABC of the art of walking on the catwalk was taught by K. Marchenko, a top professional model. Twenty charming girls appeared on the stage on May 21 to vie for the title of Miss ArtModel. The contest proceeded in several stages which included an energetic dance, parading in bathing suits, showing dresses (from the collection of fashion designer Kristina Bobkova).
Two final stages were particularly impressive. The contestants were called upon to show their artistic or performing inclinations, and they recited poetry, sang, told stories, showed their modeling skills. Lastly, the five girls who made their way to the final, paraded in night dresses from the Ruchny Rozsyp collection designed by Natalya Hontar and Yevheniy Kushnir. Yana Malenko became Miss ArtModel. She is a student of the State University of Culture and Arts. She goes in for sports, track and field, reads a lot; among her hobbies are playing games on the computer and taking her dog for walks. She wants to travel around the world, to visit as many countries as possible. Miss Malenko collects toys. Natalya Babych and Olena Hlatushchenko became Vice Misses ArtModel. Altogether, there were quite a few of all kinds of prizes awarded to the contestants.
The Lucky Net Company named Yana Malenko Miss Fortuna; The Mary Kay Company gave its own prize to Natalya Kushnir, the most charming of the contestants.
The ArtModel beauty contest has added a touch of great beauty (literally and metaphorically!) to the Day of Kyiv celebrations. The winner has become the graceful symbol of the festivities.

Defile in bathing suits.

Serhiy Azarov, international relations director of the Lucky Net Company, presenting the awards.

Photos by V. Raichenko, S. Poznansky