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Nver Mkhitaryan, Head of the Board of Directors of the  POZNYAKYZHYLSTROY Company.
The Company That Builds “Warm Houses”
The POZNYAKYZHYLSTROY Unlimited Company was created June 6, 1996 and by now it has come to take a leading place among the most stable and well-established construction companies.
The POZNYAKYZHYLSTROY Company builds now 2.4 per cent of the Ukrainian apartment houses.
It was the POZNYAKYZHYLSTROY Company that built a special design brick house in Kyiv at 17 Drahomanov Street, the first of its kind in Ukraine. For its special properties it is called a "warm house." Since the time of its foundation the company has been building such "warm" brick houses in the city of Kyiv.

Ukraine is one of those European states that gained independence fairly recently. This country has sometimes been compared to a small child who is at first not quite steady on its feet but with the passage of time begins to walk with a growing self-assuredness, though not without falls and bumps.

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A house being built at the Lesya Ukrayinka Boulevard.
Today Ukraine is on its way to radical economic reforms. The new economic relations in society are getting stabilized, the industries are geared to new tasks, new economic ties are getting established.

Ukraine is developing along new lines.

A growing number of foreign businessmen who come to Ukraine from many countries of the world, can see with their own eyes that Ukraine, formerly hidden from the world behind the Soviet “iron curtain”, has a great potential and is worth putting investments and efforts into.

The city of Kyiv is a very impressive place indeed, abounding in architectural landmarks some of which are thousand years old. Kyiv has a lot of gorgeous parks, most of the streets are lined with shady trees. Many visitors become enchanted with Kyiv and come back once and again.,It is quite safe to say that many joint projects that were started only two or three years ago have started bringing good results. The appearance of Kyiv is rapidly changing . Offices of big international companies are opened here and there, new banks spring up, good shops and shining office buildings are established and built.

There is a growing need for top-class apartments used for different purposes; they are needed for maintaining proper business relations with foreign businessmen. Many companies have realized that they need not only head offices but comfortable, modern apartments as well.

For a period of time it was difficult to find top class apartments and apartment houses in Kyiv but now the difficulty has been overcome. The POZNYAKYZHYLSTROY Company is building new houses which meet the European requirements of comfort and energy conservation.

The POZNYAKYZHYLSTROY Company with Full Liability was created to build better apartments, tailored to the wishes of the customers and to make them really warm and quiet no matter how low the temperature outside may fall, or how loud the noise in the street may get.

People, living in the former “socialist” countries, are getting slowly accustomed to good-quality goods and services, and are beginning to forget the times when food and goods were in short supply and of low quality, when ill-advised projects were launched, when disastrous government decisions were taken, when monotonous uniformity and uniform monotone reigned supreme.

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This building in Kovpak Street
(close to Ukrayina Palace Concert Hall) will be completed by the year.

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An 11-story house at 23-25 Klinichna Street (right in the heart of the historical centre of Kyiv) and an 18-story house at 15-A Akhmatova Street. New "elite" houses are are also being built at 13-A Dmytrovska Street (close to the Peremoha Square), at 30-B Lesya Ukrayinka Boulevard (close to the "Tsarske Selo" part of town) and at 17 Kovpak Street (close to the Ukrayina Palace Concert Hall).
Good-quality appliances and equipment can be seen in people's homes and offices. When one speaks of “home,” one usually visualizes a cosy, comfortable apartment, nice furniture, a place where one can relax. And the relaxation is not usually associated with many-decibel noise of pounding rock music coming from neighbours' stereo behind the wall, or with having to wrap oneself in a shawl on cold days when the heating in one's apartment cannot stave off below-zero frost outside. “A quiet corner” is what one wants after a hard working day.

All this the designers of the POZNYAKYZHYLSTROY Company had in mind when they began working at the design of the first “warm houses.” They wanted apartments to be warm no matter what the temperature is outside, spacious. They decided it must have a nice-looking kitchen that could also be used as a dining room. The sleeping quarters must be separated from the rest of the apartment in some way, and the layout must be of the kind that can be changed if the customer so desires.

The POZNYAKYZHYLSTROY Company hired excellent designers and construction engineers and workers who made it possible to realize the idea of having good-quality apartments built with the money of the customers rather than with money allotted from the state of city budgets. “Be professional in everything” is a motto of the company. The company management has brought together a highly qualified staff of creative designers, engineers and workers.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the POZNYAKYZHYLSTROY Company is Nver M. Mkhitaryan. At the age of 38 he has achieved a lot. Mr. Mkhitaryan is a Ph. D. in technology, professor, a full member of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine, a corresponding member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine, a Member of the Research Board of Advisors of the American Biographical Institute, a Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, counsellor of the International Academy of Engineering. His awards include: the Distinguished Leadership Award; the 2000 Millennium Medal of Honour; the Leader in Science Award; the World Lifetime Achievement Award; the Twentieth Century Award for Achievement in Recognition of Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Solar Energy Treatment (medal and diploma); International Cultural Diploma of Honour for outstanding contribution to world science in the field of energy utilization; Citation of Leadership and Achievement; Testimonial of merit; his name has been entered in: the International Directory of Distinguished Leadership; Biographical Reference Volume “Five Hundred Leaders of Influence”; World Who's Who of Fame (the Hall of Fame Book).

Mr. Mkhitaryan without doubt is an outstanding personality.

He described the strategic principles and philosophy of the POZNYAKYZHYLSTROY Company in a few sentences:

“We can say quite boldly now that all the major problems have been solved. And they have been solved in a classical, as it were , manner. In not so recent past most of the houses in towns were built of bricks. Many of such houses are hundred years old, or more, and yet they are still being used. And they will be used for quite some time to come. The POZNYAKYZHYLSTROY Company builds brick houses with outer walls being only 70 centimetres thick. Besides, we use sophisticated, ecologically safe porous concrete which serves as insulation against cold. The walls made of bricks and porous concrete can “breathe” which creates a special microclimate inside with fresh air. To create similar heat and energy saving conditions, using the old techniques, you would have to make the walls 120 centimetres thick. Our houses are your fortresses, ladies and gentlemen.”

Helping solve the problem of energy conservation for the state, the company at the same time helps each household economize on saved energy as well. Continuously rising prices on energy make it necessary to increase fees for electricity, water supply, etc., and several times at that during a year. In order to keep the new “warm” houses warm, one needs seven or eight times less energy than in a regular house. And it means that apartments' owners have to pay less for heating in their homes. Besides, all the heating radiators are equipped with counters and power regulators. So, if you leave town for some time, you set the heating to a bare minimum to keep the apartment from freezing through. And you don't have to pay for what you have not been using as was the case with central heating.

It helps improve the ecological situation as well. So much fuel will be saved, so much waste will not be poured into our rivers and lakes. The air will be cleaner and fresher.

We all of us live on the same planet. We must keep it clean. And the POZNYAKYZHYLSTROY Company remembers about it and helps keep Kyiv clean.

The company began its activity with construction of houses in the Poznyaky part of town but soon, in 1997, the company started building apartments in the central sections of town as well. The first “elite” house was built at the Batyeva Hora part of town and in the spring of 1998 a new house was begun to be built in the Dmytrivska Street (close to the Peremoha Square).

These two apartment houses have been designed with great attention to every detail. In the lobby there is a special place for watchmen and guards, the ground floor has rooms that can be converted into shops, cafes, dry cleaning and other similar services. There are roofed garages in or close to the houses.The apartments have bathrooms with up to 15 sq. meters of floor space, bay windows, additional bathrooms “for guests”, even in one bedroom apartments, kitchens of up to 20 sq. meters with movable walls which makes it possible to get a new arrangement of parts of the apartment, spacious sitting rooms, closet-rooms, winter gardens of up to 20 sq. meters.

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Now, a new office building is being built in Dmytrivska Street, close to the apartment house, which has been designed in accordance with the latest trends of the West-European architecture.A combination of quality and careful design is still a rare phenomenon in Ukraine. The POZNYAKYZHYLSTROY Company researchers carry out marketing research, and the company experts keep abreast of the latest trends in the Ukrainian and world housing construction. The company knows the latest achievements not only in the construction of houses but also in  apartments' layout, interior design and decoration of apartments and offices. The best possible infrastructure is provided.

“No old houses can meet the today's customers' requirements, nothing is eternal, all things must pass. New customers want new things. That is why we build comfortable houses, high-quality houses which meet the requirements of today and of tomorrow,” say the architects of the  POZNYAKYZHYLSTROY Company.

All inquiries about purchasing apartments from
the POZNYAKYZHYLSTROY Company can be obtained at the address:
50-B Khreshchatyk St., Kyiv, Ukraine.
Tel.: 380 (44) 224 1187, 224 5259

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