7.jpg (53058 bytes) Dear readers, I greet you from the pages of this wonderful magazine on behalf of Ukrainian Parliament and on behalf of the Ukrainian people who are striving for openness and contacts with the whole world.
The fact that Welcome to Ukraine magazine is released regularly is one of the many manifestations of positive changes that have been occurring in Ukraine in recent years.
Ukraine, as an independent state, is gradually getting integrated into the economic political and cultural space of the whole world; Ukraine is becoming to be an important factor of international security and stability. It is so nice to know that the world community has appreciated our efforts and supports our groundbreaking endeavours in every way, and the evidence of this support is regular dialogue carried on at the highest level.
Of no less significance for relations among peoples is tourism and people’s diplomacy. Ukrainians have ample opportunities to travel to all parts of the globe, establish business and friendly contacts, and implement the best world’s achievements at home.
And, of course, Ukraine invites visitors.
Ukraine has been known for ages for its hospitality. For many foreigners who come to Ukraine, it becomes a serendipitous discovery. Its age-old culture, its uniquely diversified landscapes, its generous and amicable people leave no visitor indifferent. We have what to show visitors, what to excite their curiosity with, what to amaze them by. In this respect, Welcome
to Ukraine magazine by familiarizing the world community with the Ukrainian national heritage and by inviting people from all parts of the world to come to Ukraine does a noble and necessary thing.
I join this invitation and say to all the readers: Do come to our country! You will see the unforgettable frescoes of the Church of St. Cyril and of Holy Sophia Cathedral, you will touch with your own hands the sacred things in the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Monastery and in St Volodymyr Cathedral, you will breathe the uniquely salubrious air of the Crimea, you will admire
the grandeur and perfection of the Livadia and Vorontsov palaces.
Welcome to Ukraine, dear guests, a warm and openhearted reception awaits you.
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Olexandr Tkachenko,
Chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

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