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Yulia Parkhomenko, Miss Kyiv’98.

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Women of all countries in all walks of life, of all occupations, of all levels of intelligence and in all epochs have always wanted to look attractive or seductive. There is hardly a nation in the world that has not held female beauty in high esteem. In some countries and in certain periods of time man’s handsomness was the focal point of attention. Canons of beauty were established but they were subject to change. Greek sculptor Polyclitus of the 5th century BC, for example, established his own canon for the male figure: the head should be 1/7 of the total length of the body; the face – 1/10; the head together with the neck – 1/6; the neck in circumference should be two times that of the wrist, and the waist’s circumference should be two times that of the neck; the shin in circumference should be about the same as the neck, and the thigh should be 1/5 bigger in circumference than the shin; the length of the foot, according to Polyclitus, should be equal to that of the forearm (sort of tricky, isn’t it?)
Another of the famous canons was that of Pythagoras (an ancient Greek mathematician of the 6th century BC) who believed that the human body could be called perfectly built only when the distance between the crown of the head to the waist is one third of the entire length of the body.
The canons established by Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest figures of the Italian Renaissance of the 15th-16th centuries, were studied by the artists of all Europe. There were still other canons which today are usually referred to as “classical” ones. With the passage of time canons change and today our ideal of the female or male beauty and bodily perfection are so

mewhat different from those which were current just a few decades ago.
What are the canons and ideals of today’s Ukrainian beauty and fashion?
It is a universal opinion that Ukrainian girls rank among the most attractive in the world; their beauty is very bright and colourful and at the same time refined. It is high time beautiful Ukrainian girls were in the focus of attention the whole world.

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Olena Machkodera, Discovery f the Year.
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Lyubov Zakharova,
Best Model’98.
The fashion designers have already made a first step in propagating the ideal of the Ukrainian female beauty: the KARIN Models fashion agency from Paris which has its branches in Miami, New York, Milan and other places, has established its office in Kyiv.
The Kyiv branch of KARIN Models is the first and so far the only official representation of an international fashion agency in Ukraine. In quite a short period of time, Kyiv KARIN Models has compiled “a portfolio” of 110 Ukrainian beauties, among whom one finds many professional models: Oksana Sabo (Miss Ukraine ’92); Natalya Palmar (Vice Miss Kyiv ’93); Kateryna Matviyenko (Vice Miss Kyiv ’95); Lyubov Zakharova and Olesya Opryshkova (prize winners of the Elite Model look Contest); Olena Spirina (Miss Ukraine’98). Each of these girls is beautiful in her own unique way. But surely, there must be among them the one who is closest to the ideal of perfect beauty?
KARIN Models, Tavriyski Ihry Pop Show and Miss Ukraine Show jointly organized a contest among the models of Ukraine and the final show of the Second All-Ukrainian Model’98 Contest took place in the Ivan Franko Theatre on February 6, 1999.
here were three nominations: Best Model; Miss Kyiv; and Discovery of the Year. A very competent jury was set up with Jean Luke Brunel, the Director of KARIN Models at its head. 40 slender long-legged beauties (the youngest among them was only thirteen) paraded on the stage showing themselves and dresses designed by the leading fashion designers of the world and of Ukraine.
All of them were about 180 centimetres tall and proportioned very much different from the ancient Greek ideal of the statue of Venus de Milos (90-60-90; 164 cm tall). Yes, the present day canon of beauty differs a lot from those of the classical Antiquity and of the Renaissance.
After a pop show featuring several rock groups and Iryna Bilyk, a Ukrainian pop star, the jury announced its verdict: the title of Miss Kyiv was won by Yulia Parkhomenko, 16, from Kyiv (who took part in the contest by courtesy of KARIN Models); The Best Model’98 prize went to 16-year-old Lyubov Zakharova (also by courtesy of KARIN Models; she took part in a greater number of fashion shows and was photographed more last year than other participants of the contest); and The Discovery of the Year was Olena Machkodera, a 15-year-old beauty from the town of Ivano-Frankivsk (by courtesy of L-Models). She, with her golden hair and her  wonderful smile, enchanted both the jury and the audience.
One of the classics said something to the effect that “Beauty will save the world,” and what if it is going to be a Ukrainian beauty?

By Marysya Horobets
Photos by KARIN Models

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