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Welcome to Ukraine (WU) magazine regularly features articles about Ukrainian establishments of higher learning. Among the recent ones were stories about Shevchenko University, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy University, Kyiv Polytechnic. This time Welcome to Ukraine presents the first Ukrainian private school of higher education – the National Academy of Management (NAM). In the pre-independence Ukraine, a private university was something utterly impossible. Mr Serhiy Yerohin, President of the Academy, was interviewed by Olga Vader, a WU correspondent. znak.gif (1425 bytes)
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NAM’s President S. Yerohin holding a Master’s degree diploma.
WY: Mr Yerohin, when was NAM founded and what are its special features?
Yerohin: NAM was founded in the same year that Ukraine gained independence, that is in 1991. A number of progressively-minded people – university teachers and education managers, united by a common desire to promote private education in Ukraine and market-oriented changes in Ukrainian economy, and eager to economics education in Ukraine, – got together and founded a new university which was not run by the state. Our main aim is to train economists with a wide range of knowledge and in different fields which will allow them to work at all the levels of the economic and educational structures of Ukraine, operating under market conditions.
WU: So, which fields of knowledge are your students trained in?
Yerohin: Finances and banking business, international economics, accountancy and audit, marketing, management. NAM has been accredited with the Ministry of Education of Ukraine and it has the right to grant degrees and issue diplomas recognized by the state.We give degrees of “a specialist” and of “a master”. There are 8 cycles of studies; in the fields of general economics, finances, international economics, law, computer science, liberal arts students can take about 80 subjects. A special attention is paid to the following subjects: economic theory, macroeconomics, management, marketing, theory of finances, finances of enterprises, investment, banking business, taxation system, international economics, theory of state and law, computer equipment and programming, psychology, sociology, and others.
NAM provides education in three basic modes: full-time; by correspondence for students with secondary education; by correspondence for students who already have university degrees). Master’s degrees are awarded in finances, banking business and others. Average age of “masters” is 35 years; in other words, it is mostly those who have their own businesses. NAMís successful work and development reflect the coming into being of the middle class in Ukraine. NAM responds quickly to any changes and new requirements in certain professions by introducing new subjects and new majors. NAM is the only university in Ukraine that has a computerised library. 86-33.jpg (82241 bytes)Master’s degree recipients at the graduation ceremony.
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Symbolical student card presented to the
first-year students; in the background:
a choir ready to sing Ukrainian
We have an access to the Internet and we supply it with all kinds of relevant information. We are in constant contact with foreign universities, we receive students from abroad (last year, for example, we had exchange students from Britain and Poland) and our students go to study abroad. This year we are going to host a Ukrainian-British students’ festival and we expect that a number of post-graduates students, students’ theatre companies and sports teams from Britain will come to attend the festival. A lot of attention is given to students’ extracurricular activities. We have a students’ theatre company, dancing and pop-song companies who perform not only on our own stage but also in other towns of Ukraine.
Sports are not neglected either. NAM publishes its own magazine, ß, ñòóäåíò (I, Student) which is run and edited by the students themselves.
WU: What are your plans for the future?
Yerohin: To continue doing our best to improve. We are going to continue inviting highly-qualified instructors and professors to work for us and, at the same time, sending people on our teaching staff to Britain to improve their knowledge at the University of Central Lancashire (in Preston). We shall go on encouraging them to engage in scientific work and in writing books and dissertations. We’ll continue improving teaching techniques by introducing new methodologies. We’ll go on improving our facilities. NAM’s study rooms are referred as “study complexes equipped with state-of-the-art facilities,” which shows what they are actually are.
WU: I just wonder, why the flower of marigold has been taken as an emblem of your University?
Yerohin: Marigold, on the one hand, is a flower that is regarded as representing something typically Ukrainian, and the other, it grows in many parts of the world.
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NAM’s periodical published
by students.

.In other words, this flower on the NAM emblem symbolizes links of Ukrainian and world cultures. Besides, the marigold is cold resistant and blooms from early spring to late fall. We want to see our NAM being resistant to the cold of economic slumps, deeply national in character, persevering and on a par with the training provided by world’s leading schools of economics. That’s why the colours of the marigold have been chosen to represent the National Academy of Management

NAM’s address:
26 Panas Myrny St.,
Kyiv, 251011, Ukraine.
Tel.: 380 (44) 290-8924; 290-8056; 573-9498

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