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A Good Laugh Equals a Good Meal
    Ancient Gold

A solid gold pectoral
is believed
to have once graced
the breast
of a Scythian king. This
outstanding work of art was created twenty five hundred years ago. Griffins, lions, boars, peaceful domestic
animals and human figures produce
a profound effect of living power.

        Spiritual Centre of Ukraine

The Kyiv- Pechersk Lavra is much more than just an ancient monastery. For many
centuries it was a truly spiritual
of Ukraine. The churches and other buildings of the Monastery themselves, their
architecture, give the visitor a spiritual uplift.
        Talented Actor

Mykolaychuk was a man
of many
talents. He was a most remarkable movie actor, wrote
screenplays, excellent
loved to sing Ukrainian songs. He was one of those few who are tormented
all their lives by the eternal questions
of the purpose of our being
in the Universe.
are Welcome

V. Kuybida, Mayor of Lviv: There must
be something special in Lviv that attracts people,
probably its atmosphere
of old
traditions and
freedom-loving spirit. The city authorities encourage entrepreneurship and private
and create
opportunities for