Discover Ukraine
A church in Lavra Monastery
Shalom! Precisious collection of Judaica ritual objects in Ukraine
To understand the present you must understand the past
Sofiyivka - a park of unparalleled beauty
Treasure from Sakhnovka
The art Maria Pryimatchenko
Ukrainian national costume
Olexander Myklovda - a graphics artist
Historical places in the land of Sumy
Paintings of Olga Volga
The world of romantic dreamer. Cartoons of Y.Kosobukin

    Discover Ukraine!

is a land of exciting diversity, of city, field, plain, river, mountain, of complex ethnic make-up, of warm generosity and welcoming hospitality. Despite the grave business of developing new society, we are free and vital people.

        Church above Gate

When you enter this church you feel as though you have come home - it is so cosy. The church seems to be in artistic and spiritual link between past and present.

        Collection of Judaica

The Collection of Judaica consists mostly of things made for ritual use at home and in the synagogue. There are some purely secular objects too. Shape of Jewish ritual objects is determined by their purpose and their ritual symbolism.

        Magic in Reality

Maria Prymachenko's art evokes the presence of the fantasy. This powerful presence emanates from the individual images of plants, animals and people. These images combine to create magic.