Pendant. Western Europe, early 19th century.
Cast gold, embossed, engraved; cornelian.
In the centre of the pendant is an oval cornelian with most important
Free Masons symbols engraved all around: trowel
— the symbol of sternness to oneself and tolerance to others;
hammer — the symbol of conscience and Divine Sparkle in man;
plumb — the symbol of equality among the Free Masons,
regardless of rank and social background; ruler
– the symbol of appraising Free Masons’ deeds performed during the day
(each graduation on the ruler’s graduated scale of
24 corresponds to an hour); triangle
— the symbol of law and morality;
pair of compasses, open at an angle of 60 degrees
— the main Free Masons symbol of the Higher Intelligence.
It is not known who owned this pendant which, incidentally,
is not of high artistic quality.