Ukraine's Past, Present and Future
    A thousand years ago Ukraine entered the new millenium as a mighty state with highly developed culture. Despite all the dramatic and tragic events that befell Ukraine in the thousand years that followed, it enters the third millenium as an inependet state.

Castles of Ukraine
    About 60 mediaeval castles with high walls, keeps and moats have been preserved to the present day in Ukraine, some of them in the state of scienic ruins, others in a fairly good state of preservation. The are the landmarks that never fail to impress tourists and local alike.

Andriyivsky Uzviz
    Among the things that a foreigner visiting Kyiv should see is the Andriyivsky Uzviz, a sort of Kyiv Montmarte, where works of the fine and applied arts lavishly demonstrate the artistic talents of the Ukrainian people. The Uzviz is often called an artistic centre of Kyiv with its own special spirit.

Serhiy Hai, a Painter of the Sublime
    Serhiy Hai is a painter. For Hai, every painting is a highly emotional battle. Colours clash creating a dramatic effect. Hai's works seem to have been inspired by the primordial forces, the echoes of which seem to be present in the pectorial dreams, in the graphic rhythms, in different textures of his pictures.

Elit-Model Look
    The Elit Model Look Agency is one of the best known and one of the richest model agencies in the world. It has 28 branches and affiliates. This year the Elit Model Look Contest was held in Ukraine for the third time. Out of almost 800 contestants only 17 got through to the final round held in Kyiv.

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