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Jewelry Ukrainian Style


Tatyana Mitus is a jewelry designer and the founder of the Mitus design brand. The TV Ukrainian Fashion Channel journalist Lilya PRIL went to take a look at the new collection which was inspired by traditional Ukrainian ornaments.




Last year, Tatyana Mitus presented her capsule collection at the Yuliya Aisina fashion show within the Ukrainian Fashion Week.

Recently Tatyana MITUS produced a jewelry collection inspired by the Ukrainian fashion designer Olga Navrotskayas collection.

Ms Mitus, what inspired you to create jewelry sets for the Inspired by Ukraine collection designed by Olga Navrotskaya?

Ive been following Ms Navrotskayas successful work in many fields in film direction, video clips production and fashion design for quite some time now. Everything she does is of high professional quality, and when she shared some of her ideas concerning her new collection with me I got interested in it. I was excited by an opportunity to work with her. Ukraine is a country of many talented fashion designers. There are also good designers of purses and shoes but there is a lack of jewelry designers. Because of it, many fashion designers face a problem: what should be done to enhance their collections, how to put emphasis on the images they create. And it is where I come in.

Who proposed cooperation to who: you to Ms Navrotskaya, or she to you?

I had met Ms Navrotskaya at various shows and other occasions before and I always thought it would be interesting to work with her. And she believed that she would want to work with me. She phoned me and we met. We discussed things. She told me that she was working on a new collection, inspired by Ukrainian traditional decorative design. She wanted to create something that would go beyond the usual format of classical national traditions, she wanted to create something new. And she asked me whether I would care to design jewelry for her dresses.

Did she express any particular ideas about the design trends in jewelry?

She said that gold decorations should be massive, with bright stones such as rubies, onyxes, or emeralds. She showed me a book on the history of the Ukrainian national dress and ornaments. I was fascinated and began to carefully study the book. I found out that Ukrainian women, regardless of their social status, used to decorate their chest with large-sized beads. I was inspired by what I had learnt and by Ms Navrotskayas ideas, and I got down to designing jewelry for her collection: brooches, pendants, transformers and massive rings. I used ancient coins from the times of the Byzantine and Turkish Empires which I had in my own coin collection. The results were bright and impressive and my jewelry collection proved to be a success.

Ms Mitus, I guess that working with Ms. Navrotskaya was mutually beneficial?

Yes, it was. People saw that I was creative and that I could produce things that I hadnt done before. I realized that I could follow up on any fashion designers ideas implemented into jewelry. At first some people were wondering why the MITUS DESIGN brand would want to work for a fashion designer they probably feared that Id be obscured by the name of a popular fashion designer. But it did not happen. The most important thing for me is to make women want to wear my jewelry.

I love to give people positive emotions through my jewelry.

You design jewelry but who actually produces pieces that you design?

Italian masters. They know exactly what I want and they are happy to work with me. There is only a handful of Ukrainian jewelers who would be prepared to make jewelry by individual orders they tend to make standard things.

How long have you been designing jewelry? How did it all start?

Three years ago when I was in India, I saw a great number of fantastic precious stones. I admired their beauty and bought some stones. I made bracelets using silk threads and natural stones an Indian taught me how to do it. When I came back home, I showed my bracelets to some of my friends. They liked what I had created very much and they asked me to make something for them too. And then I thought: why not to try to design jewelry for sale?

Thats how it began. I created my first collection two years ago shortly before the Ukrainian Fashion Week show. I exhibited my collection at one of the stands at the place where the Ukrainian Fashion Week was held. I got my collection photographed, a website was created and I set up my own jewelry brand. I love to wear jewelry, I love to buy it, to give jewelry pieces as gifts, and I love it when they are given to me as presents too. But Id like to design not only jewelry I have plans to design clutch handbags too.

What is it that you are working at now?

Im designing a spring collection. It will be necklaces named after famous women. Im toying with an idea of creating a very special diamond collection. I create something new for each new season. The metals I mostly work with are silver and bronze and all sorts of alloys.

Where can one buy your jewelry?

At the MITUS DESIGN studio, on our website and at the studio of Olga Navrotskaya.


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