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Ornaments That Create a Good Mood


MITUS DESIGN creates ornaments that you will never want to take off such is the motto of a jewelry-making company, MITUS DESIGN, that got itself fairly established as a successful brand on the market of jewelry in Ukraine.

Hanna CHALOVA talked to Tetiana Mitus, the owner and chief designer of this company.

Photos by Tarima Darim.


Every ornament created by MITUS DESIGN has its own secret and reflects in some way the soul of its creator. Once you put a MITUS DESIGN ornament on, you dont feel like taking it off, even when you go to bed at night.

Tetyana Mitus says that she did not initially plan to make it a big business project, but now her ornament-making business has become an occupation into which she puts a great deal of all her efforts, her positive energy and her heart and soul.

In addition to being a jewelry designer and producer, she officially represents the World Fashion Channel in Ukraine, and does experiments with designs of fashionable clothes.

You do ornament designs, you work for television, you create fashion design how do you find time for all that?

I think I can do it because there are at least twenty five hours in my day and night, rather than the usual twenty four. I realized long ago that the more and better you plan what to do, the more you can actually do. I am a responsible person and cannot afford not to deliver what I have promised to deliver. That is why I do my best to find time for doing everything I have planned to do. I hope the results are good.

When and how did you discover you can do jewelry designs?

I love design in general, I care for a good style, for fashionable clothes. I would not call myself a designer I wont do it because I know the true meaning of this word. But it does not prevent me from designing fashionable clothes. It is about the same with designing jewelry I do what I can to the best of my ability.

At first, I created ornaments only for myself, later I began giving my ornaments to my friends as gifts. My friends began to ask to create ornaments for them of a particular kind and they bought them from me they liked the unusual look of my designs. And I thought to myself why not design and create jewelry on a larger scale for sale? Once, on a tourist trip to India, I bought a lot of precious and semiprecious stones, even though I was not quite sure what I was going to do with them. I had some ideas but to implement them I needed jewelers and I found the masters I wanted in Italy. I am a sort of a perfectionist, I want only top quality.

I feel responsible for the brand Ive created. I often repeat to myself my own saying, I do not sell ornaments as valuable material objects I sell or give as presents emotions and moods. The ornaments I design target women who want to buy jewelry themselves for themselves, without waiting for their husbands or boyfriends to give them such ornaments as presents. My ornaments do not have diamonds in them but all the decorative stones I use are natural, not artificial.

You dont seem to think in terms of competitiveness.

I think in terms of creating ornaments that I like, and it is very pleasant when people find my ornaments nice.

In addition to emotions, what do your ornaments convey?

The word trend these days in Ukraine is trendy. I think my ornaments are always trendy. You can wear them with clothes of all sorts of styles. A baroque-style necklace with pearls can be worn, for example, both in the day time and at an evening party. If you put on a dress which leaves your back open, you can turn such a necklace around and the effect will be stunning. There are other ways of using my ornaments for a better effect.

I know that people who wear my ornaments do it with pleasure they say my ornaments have an energy. All the stones I use go through the mental cleansing. I keep them in blessed holy water for some time, I wash them, and I do it not for being able to tell someone about it. I do think I have to do it. Every stone carries a lot of energy. I want every owner of my ornaments to know that my ornaments give only positive, protective force. And believe me, people feel that too.

Your collection of ornaments was inspired by India. What are the other sources of your inspiration?

I like ornaments which look luxurious. The art and times of Byzantium and of the Turkish Empire provide me with ideas and inspiration big colorful stones, unusual shapes. I like chimerically rough, sort of sloppily formed stones. The stone itself must say what appearance it should be given in an ornament, whether its worth changing anything in it. These days bright fancy stones are in fashion. One should feel absolutely all right wearing ornaments with big stones and jeans and a T-shirt.

Does the city of Kyiv provide any inspiration for you?

I love Ukraine, though I come from a different country. Ive been living in Kyiv for ten years now. And now I realize that love between me in Kyiv is forever. I love the gold domes of Kyiv churches particularly the ones of the St Michaels Golden-Domed Cathedral. The architectural landmarks look great in any weather when the clouds are dark and low, they shine so bright against the dark background, and in sunshine they scintillate so gorgeously. There are ornaments in my collection in which tiny hands made of precious stones sapphires and emeralds, hold a dome-like shapes

Embroidered decorative towels and shirts are another inspiration for me. And flowers too, cornflowers in particular. All these things are so rich in color!

Are you going to look for inspiration in other countries too?

Ive been to many palaces in the world but I have not been to Africa yet I think Ill go there for inspiration some time soon.

Where can one buy your ornaments?

There are places in Kyiv where you can buy them at Faboulous Boutique in the Hotel Premier-Palace, Niche Boutique at 39 Pushkinska Street and Olena Rudenkos studio of personal shopping in the Arena City complex. Every ornament I release is marked with the words MITUS DESIGN and with my logo. If the customer so desires, we can add the name of the future owner to the ornament.

How often do you put new collections?

About two times a year. For winter we make things that look warmer and cozier. At the end of March, we are planning to show a summer collection which will have bright, orange and green corrals and turquoise. I found some yellow turquoise and now I am in several minds as to how to use them to the greatest advantage.

Are you planning to create a particularly luxurious, exclusive collection?

I cant say I would not want to do it but I realize that such items involve a lot of investment and a heightened responsibility. Probably, as my brand is getting more established, Ill turn to creating such collections. But I still want to make MITUS DESIGN ornaments which are affordable to many people.

How much time passes between the inception of a collection and actual creation? How much time does it take to create ornaments?

It does take some time. Most of the work is done in Italy and some of the ornaments are given a final touch here in Ukraine. Unfortunately we cant make my ornaments here in Ukraine there are no jewelers of required qualifications, there is no equipment that is needed and the costs are very high.

When I have the materials I need, I make a draft design on paper, put the stones where they should be, fix them with Scotch tape and give my design to the jeweler to work on.

Which stone is your favorite?

Emeralds but I do not own an emerald that Ive been dreaming to have all my life. I had a funny dream in my childhood, which was probably inspired by some films or snatches of conversation among the adults that I overheard I arrive in Paris in a private jet, I wear a fur coat down to my hills, and I am wearing emerald earrings or the heels of my shoes are emeralds. Ive been to Paris, I have a fur coat but emeralds remain a part of the dream.

Im sure that some time soon your dream will come true!

Thank you. But I want to say this. I discovered Welcome to Ukraine Magazine quite recently I picked it up in a plane when I was returning from a trip abroad. As I was leafing through it, I could not help thinking, its a surprisingly beautiful and informative magazine! You open a copy of it, and it tells you what you want to know about the place you go to.

I wish all the readers good health, success, love and money without these things you cant be happy. And never try to stop yourself from dreaming because dreams eventually come true!


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