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Bridal Fest


The final gala show of the All-Ukraine Contest Narechena roku v Ukrayini (Bride of the Year in Ukraine) of the Year 2010, an event held within the framework of the Festival ANGEL FEST, took place at the Grand Hall of the five-star Hotel Premier Palace in Kyiv.


The jury had to choose the winner among seven best brides, the finalists of the contest.

The event gathered Kyivs beau monde, among whom one could see fashion designers, pop stars, star athletes, television presenters and all others who are considered to belong to high society, Kyiv style.

The Grand Hall was festively decorated, with flowers and two hearts made of ice being the central decorative features. Crimean wine, fruit and chocolate were highly appreciated as well.

Children, members of the Ensemble Kyianochka, dressed as angels, threw handfuls of rose petals at the guests.

The MCs, Liliya Rebryk and Ivan Horodetsky made sure the show was full of good cheer and progressed without a hitch.

The program of the show included: the Angels Parade; Cupids Arrows (essays on the subject of the first date and love at first sight were read); Only for You Parade, and Dances of Love, with all the contestants taking part and taking center stage.

Ukrainian pop stars added their entertaining power to the whole event.

All the contestants proved to be charming, perseverant, resourceful, sincere in their emotions, and capable performers. Natalya Rokytska, 26, from Kyiv made a particularly winning impression upon the jury and the guests. The fact that she was pregnant added a further endearing touch and she was pronounced winner. Her amiability and grace were truly enchanting, and her solo dance was so charged with emotion that many of those watching were moved to tears.

She who was awarded the title of the Narechena roku v Ukrayini of the Year 2010, the Vesilny Yanhol (Wedding Angel) prize, and a tourist voucher for a trip to Jamaica.

Ms Rokytska is an actress and her ambitions include being both a good mother and a good actress.

All the contestants were given prizes but the winner and the runner up, Natalya Honcharova from Kyiv, were honored with the most valuable ones. Ms Hocharovas consolation prize was a gold ring with 13-carat citrine.

The Agency Svadebny perepolokh contributed a lot to the unqualified success of the show.

On February 10 2011, the All-Ukraine Contest Narechena roku v Ukrayini of the Year 2011, was launched.



Natalia Rokytska, the winner of Narechena Roku v Ukrayini Contest,
receives the Vesylny Yanhol prize.


Svitlana Lytvynenko

Kateryna Buzhynska, a singer.


Ivan Gorodetsky and Liliya Rebryk.


Singers Ivan Berezovsky and Tatyana Shyrko.


Natalya Honcharova.


Anna Filimonova, National Director of Miss Ukraine Universe.


Fashion designers Aina Gasse and Oleksandr Gapchuk.


Liliya Prokhor.


Jury of the contest Narechena Roku v Ukrayini.




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