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Balance of Interests


The 17th International Travel Market Ukraine-2010 was held at the International Exhibition Center in Kyiv in early October. This yearТs tourist event brought together 600 tourist companies, agencies and tour operators from 38 countries.


In spite of the continuing economic recession, the representation at this yearТs exhibition was almost the same as last year Ч 38 countries instead of 40 last year. This fact alone can be regarded as a success of the exhibition, even though some of the national representations could afford to occupy smaller floor space than last year.

Practically at the same time there were two other tourism-related events held in Kyiv Ч one of them was a rather specialized tourist forum and the other one was a workshop devoted to top-class hotels. There is an opinion supported by many that it is more advisable to stage one big event like a major exhibition than several simultaneous small events Ч with one big event on rather than several neither the media nor the public are confused by the necessity to choose which one to attend.

The organizers of the 17th International Travel Market Ukraine-2010 were the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine, the State Service of Tourism and Resorts, the Kyiv State Administration, the Association of Sanatoria and Resorts of Ukraine, and the exhibition company Autoexpo. Support was provided by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the International Trade Fairs Organization (ITTFA).

Among the countries that participated at the exhibition were: Egypt, India, Indonesia, Cyprus, Palestine, South Africa, Poland, Thailand, Dubai, Turkey, Sri Lanka, the Czech Republic, Finland, Bulgaria, Brazil, Greece, Italy, Spain, China, the Maldives, Russia, Hungary, the USA, Switzerland, and other countries.

At the opening ceremony were present foreign diplomats stationed in Ukraine. During the ceremony, the ambassador of Azerbaijan to Ukraine Eynulla Madatli made a presentation of a big well-illustrated album about his country which was published by the Mizhnarodny Turyzm Publishing House in Ukrainian. The ambassador of Georgia to Ukraine Grigol Katamadze delivered his tourism-encouraging speech in Ukrainian. Diplomats from Argentina, Greece, Palestine, Finland and Iraq spoke in favor of developing tourism from their countries to Ukraine and from Ukraine to their countries.

The tourist companies which were represented at the exhibition, made many presentations during the three days, October 6 through October 8. Many tourist products were presented to the public, many seminars and conferences were held. There were shows to entertain the participants and the guests, and sweepstakes and lotteries were held at which many tourist vouchers were won.

According to Oleksandr Harashchenko, director general of the Autoexpo Company, almost half of all the stands at the exhibition exhibited tourist products of the Ukrainian companies Ч at previous Travel Market Ukraine exhibitions the ratio of Ukraine and foreign representation was not in favor of Ukraine.














By Yevhen Budko

Photos by Olena Kurshyn


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