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Ukraine the Beautiful


The mysterious silhouettes

of the Lavra Monastery in Pochayiv can be glimpsed through the wintry mists. The Lavra Monastery in Pochayiv continues to draw innumerable pilgrims and tourists from all over Ukraine and from abroad. The scenic landscape and the majestic monastery architecture combine to produce an overwhelming impression both on the faithful and the beauty seekers alike.




The enchanted land of the Carpathians

acquires a fairy-tale magic look in winter when snow adds its solemnly festive, and yet a bit severe and forbidding touch to the mountains. Those who cherish solitude and quiet contemplation can easily find a spot where time stops and the soul can go through the cleansing by the beauty of the surroundings.




The mist, like the night,

provides even a drab and dull view with an enigmatic significance — when the view is that of the autumnal splendor then it becomes a fascinating and enigmatic scene where fabulous creatures lurk, where the sounds become mysteriously meaningful, and where the fleeting dreams seem to be close to materializing.



Photos by Mykola Ivashchenko


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