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The Collective Portrait of the Woman of the Third Millennium


The end of May 2010 saw the publication of an album, Zhinka III tysyacholittya (Woman of the Third Millennium) which contains photographs of, and stories about the talented and successful women of Ukraine who were winners of the Woman of the Third Millennium prizes.


The album was published by the Woman of the Third Millennium International Public Organization. The photos were provided by the photographer Liliya Viter. The album presentation ceremony took place at the Kyiv Academic Workshop of the Suzirya Theater Art Studio.

The photos present the women as they are in various moments of their life Ч but mostly at rest, in the quiet of their homes, without makeup, free from worry. They allowed the viewers to take a peep into their private world Ч the world of love, beauty, tenderness, and creativity. The women personalities are presented graphically and convincingly.

The Suzirya Theater Art Studio proved to be the proper venue for the album presentation Ч the handsome surroundings, classical music, and evening dresses created an atmosphere of elegance, beauty and lively socializing. All the participants of the album project, guests and journalists received copies of the album as gifts. The MC, Oleksiy Bohdanovych, a prominent Ukrainian actor, paid tribute to every woman in the album, and catalogued their achievements and strong points.

A play, The Moment of Love, based on a work by Volodymyr Vynnychenko (1880Ц1950; Ukrainian political figure and writer), was performed at the album presentation. The play revealed aspirations and striving for truth and happiness in a dramatic way. The large black-and-white portraits by Liliya Viter hanging on the walls added their important touch to the collective portrait of the Woman of the Third Millennium.


The new edition is being presented Yuliya Samoylova,
General Director of Olymp Company.


Nina Matviyenko, a popular singer of Ukrainian folk songs.


Yevhen Nyshchuk, a famous actor.


From left to right: Yevhen Nyshchuk, an actor; Lidiya Lisimova,
President of International Public Organization Woman of the Third Millennium;
Taras Zhyrko, a director; Inna Tsymbalyuk, a model and an actress.


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