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Determined to Win


The youth basketball team Kyiv-Slem from Kyiv has been playing for only two and a half years but has managed to win several prizes within this short period of time.


The most recent success was achieved at the 6th International Championship of the Slovyanska basketbolna liga (Slavic Basketball League) which was held in several stages in the towns of Retchytsya, Kalynovychi and Gomel in Belarus, Voronezh in Russia, and Zalizna Prystan in Ukraine. The young basketball players from Ukraine competed with their age peers from Russia, Belorus and Moldova. Winning such a championship was a great moral boost for the boys and encouragement to go on winning.

At each of the stages of the championship the Ukrainian team played increasingly better and better, and thanks to the wins the boysТ confidence grew. Even though the Ukrainian team was second best in Voronezh, the aggregate result of all the stages put the Ukrainian boys ahead of all the other teams. Several players individually and the team collectively were awarded certificates of appreciation by the organizers of the games.

The championship involved a lot of traveling from place to place but the Ukrainian boysТ will to win never slackened, no matter how tired they could be after the games and fatigued by constant traveling.

It would be wrong to say that this victory came easy. It took a lot of training and determination to come out the winners.

There had been several other prizes won before at competitions held in different cities of Ukraine and Belarus in 2009 and 2010. For a basketball team which was organized fairly recently it sure is a considerable achievement.

The team was founded at a sports school for children and teenagers in Kyiv (School # 16), and thanks to the excellent training, wise policies of the coaches and enthusiasm and abilities of the players, the rise to success was rapid and with no serious setbacks.





Photos by Romko Malko


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