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Ukraine the Beautiful


The Dnipro,

which over centuries acquired a symbolic status in Ukraine, is a river that has inspired many a poet; artists have paid homage to it in their art. The Dnipro River has witnessed many events, both glorious and tragic. It features in Cossack songs, and in bardsТ ballads. Since the early medieval times, it also has been a major trade route.



The Svyato-Uspensky

Zymnynsky Nunnery, which is located in the Land of Volyn, sits on a hill which has been known since time immemorial as Svyata hora (Holy Mount); the monastery was founded in 1001 by Grand Duke Volodymyr, later called Saint for converting the Land of Kyivan Rus to Christianity.



This rock

that sticks out of the sea is called Zoloti vorota, that is УGolden Gate.Ф The mountain in the background is a dead volcano, Kara-Dag. Zoloti vorota features on many postcards and in photo albums devoted to the Crimea sights. It is indeed a popular tourist attraction.



Photos by Oleh ZADOROZHNY


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