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Ukraine the beautiful


The autumnal colors

adorn the banks of the Dnipro River, turning them into an enchanting spectacle full of reserved and somewhat sad beauty. The Dnipro, which was known to the ancient Greeks as Borysthenes, has been sung for centuries by many a poet and lyrically-minded writer.



The hazy and mysterious

outlines that can be glimpsed in the background are those of the Cathedral of the Birth of the Holy Mother of God in the little town of Kozelets in the Land of Chernihivshchyna. The church was built in the eighteenth century; its bell tower is like a beacon in the endless plains of the Ukrainian steppe.



The Svirzh Castle

which is located in the south of the Land of Lvivshchyna, dates from 1530. At that time it belonged to the noble family of the Svirzski; its present-day appearance dates from the seventeenth century when the castle was reconstructed




Photos by Oleksandr ZADIRAKA


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