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Autumn in Lviv

It takes a city like Lviv, with its very special genius loci, to turn a gloomy autumnal day into a symphony of subdued colors.

When the dark clouds hang low over the city spraying it with rainy drizzle, the paved streets glisten as though they were the backs of fable creatures, and the puddles reflect the decor on the facades of century-old houses. Multicolored leaves in the hands of many passers-by and brightly colored umbrellas provide cheerful notes in the gray urban landscape, and when the rays of the autumnal sun suddenly break through a gap in the clouds, the flashes of color brighten the streets in a magic light show, and the smiles blossom on people’s lips.

But when the day is bright with sunshine, the riot of colors is like a burst of exciting energy. The yellows and the reds of the hot spectrum turn the city into a gigantic canvas of a sublime piece of art in which the creations of the human hands mingle with the wonders of nature.










Photos by Olena Krushynska

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