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Tourist prospects


The International Tourist Salon Ukraine-2009, which was held in Kyiv at the International Exhibition Center from October 6 through October 8, showed that there were good prospects for further development of tourism in the years to come.

In spite of the economic crisis which shows some signs of abating, but which is still very much felt, the Tourist Salon which has been traditionally held in autumn for the past sixteen years, was a full-blooded event, with about 600 participants from 40 countries of the world. Last year, the figures were about the same.

Working atmosphere at the Salon revealed quite an optimistic mood in the tourist business world. There were a great many offers and propositions made at Salon, and advertisement booklets, brochures and other materials were actively distributed.

The stands of Turkey, Egypt, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia were the dominant features at the Salon. Sri-Lanka, Republic of South Africa, and Palestine participated at the Salon for the first time. At the Ukrainian section, the regional stands which promoted tourism to various parts of Ukraine Vidpochyvayte v Ukrayini! (Have Your Holidays in Ukraine!) were particularly conspicuous.

Among the tourist business events held at the Salon, the presentation of new tourist technologies to be introduced in the Land of Kyivshchyna should be probably mentioned first. Computers are being installed at bus, railroad airports terminals with the help of which tourists and visitors can get quick and easy access to the information about the historical and cultural landmarks, about hotels, roads and other features of the tourist infrastructure in Kyivshchyna. The next step in providing new technologies will introduce individual audio-guide gadgets.

At the seminar, Silsky turyzm Ukrayiny krok za krokom do Yevro2012 (Countryside Tourism in Ukraine Steps to Be Taken in Preparations for Euro-2012 soccer championship), possibilities of providing accommodation for the Euro-2012 guests not only in the cities but in picturesque villages located in scenic areas as well, were discussed.

Because of the considerable devaluation of the Hryvnya Ukrainian currency, the costs of visiting Ukraine for foreign tourists have gone down by about 30 percent. At the same time, the tourist infrastructure and services are being improved, though the rate of these improvements should be much greater. The crisis has eliminated the weaker from the tourist business, leaving the tough professionals who are prepared to go on working well. A number of hotels, which belong to international chains, has been opened in Ukraine and it has significantly improved the state of things in the hospitality business competitiveness benefits the guests. The increase in the number of flights, introduced by many air companies, can be regarded as evidence of the growing number of people who want to visit Ukraine. A particularly noticeable increase is in the low-cost travel.

The official motto of the Salon was: All the Tourist Routs Crisscross in Ukraine, and the Salon indeed amply demonstrated the vitality of the tourist business.

The International Tourist Salon Ukraine-2009 was organized by the Avtokspo Company, with the support provided by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine, Derzhavna sluzhba turyzma i kurortiv (State Service of Tourism and Resorts), and by the Spilka spryyannya rozvytku silskoho zelenoho turyzmu (Union of Promoting Countryside Green Tourism) in Ukraine.








By Yevhen BUDKO


Photos by Ivan Dudkin and Olena Kurshyn

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