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The final show of the All-Ukraine Contest Narechena Roku (Bride of the Year) was held at the floatel Pharaoh on the Dnipro River in Kyiv on October 13 2009. The show was the concluding event of the All-Ukraine Wedding Festival ANGEL FEST.

The qualified jury chose the winner among the 9 contestants who had made their way to the final. The winner was awarded with a voucher for a stay at the Savoy Hotel at Sharm el-Sheikh Resort in Egypt.

The guests, who began arriving at the Faraon at 6.30 pm, were treated to the excellent wines from the TM Kolonist Company, the main sponsor of the festival. The sparkling wine from the Crimea, Zolota balka, was highly appreciated. Fruit and chocolate did not go amiss either. Flowers supplied by the florist company Kameliya added their fragrant and nice visual touch to the hall.

The MCs, Marysya Gorobets and Ihor Posypayko, opened the show.

On the jury were people showbiz, media, fashion designers, socialites well-known in Ukraine: Antin Mukharsky, Snezhana Yehorova, Ayna Gasse, Iryna Karpova, Ihor Labortas, Olena Statsenko, Tetyana Kostyukova, Serhiy Krasnopeyev, Lika Roman, Serhiy Konyushok, Oksana Novytska, Olena Myronova, Rostyslav Arno, Oksana Onyshchenko, Tetyana Vytyaz, Iryna Horobets, Olena Minina, Anzhelika Dolzhenko and Natalya Lukyanets.

All the contestants were well prepared for the final. In the five contest nominations Angels Parade; Cupids Arrows; Brides Dance; Only for You, and Wedding Fantasy (fashion designer Oksana Mukha, the TM Azhur Company were among those who supplied dresses for the show), they demonstrated their acting abilities, charm, composure and nerve. The contestants also showed that they were inventive in presenting their numbers. The guests, the jury and the contestants were entertained by pop singers Marta Spyzhenko, Yuliya Vois, 7 Nebo and Valentyn Lysenko. Katya Buzhynska, the star of the pop, performed at the climax of the show.

The jury, after a long deliberation, awarded all the participants with all sorts of presents, not revealing the name of the winner to the very last moment. The contestants received make-up sets, vouchers for stays at resorts, subscriptions to newspapers and magazines, a paid dinner at the Pharaoh Restaurant, champagne galore (the presents were supplied by the Elison Mattresses, the TM Azhur Company, the Beauty salon Kika Style, Buymerovka SPA, Flerdoranzh Magazine, Exclusive Style Magazine, VIVA Magazine, Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, TM Kolonist Company, Zolota Balka Sparkling Wine Company).

Then at last the winner was announced the lucky girl was Ruslana Khmara, 25, a receptionist at a hotel in Kyiv. The second prize (a unique gold pendant from the Labortas and Karpov Jewelers) went to Lesya Bodrova.

The ANGEL FEST festival contests resume next year, with the Narechena roku (Bride of the Year) contest starting on January 1 2010.










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