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Furs, leather and zippers of Nadiya Ganzha


Nadiya Ganzha, a young promising Ukrainian fashion designer, has recently shown her new collection, Fall-Winter 09/10. The garments shown will provide the wearers with warmth and beautiful elegance.

Nadiya Ganzha who was educated to be a lawyer, has chosen to practice fashion design rather than law. She began designing clothes at the age of 17.

Her inspirations for the designs come from various sources. For example, her collection Na kone (On the Horse) was inspired by her love of horses.

Nadiya Ganzha has presented the clothes of her design at a number of shows and won prizes. At the Ball of Chrysanthemums Fashion Design Contest she won the top prize. Recently she was awarded the Woman of the 3d Millenium Prize. It is not the participation at shows and public events themselves that is important for her it is the number of people who want to purchase her clothes that she wants to increase.

Among her hobbies are boxing and travel. She not only watches boxing bouts but does boxing herself. Her travels are a powerful source of inspiration for her design.

She is the mother of a five-year old son whom she loves dearly.

Nadiya Ganzha has set up a fashion house, Ganzha, which enjoys a considerable popularity among fashion lovers, and has created a popular fashion design website:

Says Nadiya Ganzha: It does not matter really, whether you are portly or slender, a follower of fashion or not, whether you like to spend a lot of time in fashionable boutiques or not, what matters is that you are a woman and what makes a woman feminine? Her character and the clothes she wears. Dressing well would not go amiss with men either. Clothes for men are a sort of armor that they wear to help them conquer the world. And there is hardly a better sight than an elegant man and a beautiful, stylishly dressed woman by his side.


Nadiya Ganzha offers high-quality leather, woven and fur clothes which have been designed both in the classical and latest styles. She boldly uses combinations of leather, fur, lace and expensive fabrics in one garment, and makes it a point to emphasize the stylish femininity in her clothes for women, and manly but reserved strength in clothes for men.

The soft fabrics which gently cling to the body of the wearer, are pleasant to handle and a joy to put on and wear. Moments after you put Nadiya Ganzha clothes on, comfort and warmth they provide spread over the body. At the same time, these clothes can be quickly taken off, thanks to the strategically situated zippers. These zippers and other features of the clothes shown are a sort of a visual challenge. An image of tender but yet protected vulnerability is created by the clothes designed by Nadiya Ganzha. At the same time, Ganzhas clothes for men give them refined stylishness and the look of self-assuredness which suggest that such men are in no hurry to win the hearts of women and prefer to take a gradual approach.

Among of the distinguishing features of Nadiya Ganzhas clothes are their color schemes and the possibility to combine them in excellently and easily matching outfits. Blacks, browns, blues, grays, and milky colors create a special mood that permeates all the clothes designed by Ms Ganzha and also establish the continuity in the style of her creations. Her fall/ winter collection bears echoes of her summer collection, White Night Under the Sails, and welcomes you to take a walk through a snow-covered park and a glass of champagne after it rather than to experience the joys of summer as her previous collections did.

The collection was presented by the well-known Ukrainian TV presenter and journalist Marysya Gorobets who, in the opinion of the designer, was an ideal choice for presenting this collection thanks to her appearance and ironic disposition. Marysya Gorobets is a representative of that type of women who look particularly good in the clothes of the classical type and incite the flights of fancy.

Marysya Gorobets who is one of the Top 100 Most Beautiful People of Ukraine, is an ideal wearer of many items of the collection she presented.


Fashion House Ganzha

The Fashion House Ganzha designs and offers jackets, light coats, business costumes and suits, evening dresses, outfits for the young, plus all sorts of accessories.

The quality of the clothes designed and made by Fashion House Ganzha meet the highest world standards. The fabrics and all the materials used by the Fashion House Ganzha to make the garments, turn them into works of the art of fashion. Furs and leather feature very prominently in the clothes created by the Fashion House Ganzha.

The Fashion House Ganzha releases up to five new collections annually and every item in them is unique.

The Fashion House Ganzha also offers clothes for families in one style for all the family members grown-ups and children, as well as clothes customized or made to order.

Fashion House Ganzha designers and tailors can come to the customers home to take preliminary measures, to have the garments tried on for further fitting, and then deliver the finished articles.


Ganzha Fashion store

45 Heroyiv Stalinhradu Ave., Akvarium fitness center, 1st floor, Kyiv, Ukraine
Ganzha Fashion House

10A, Heroyiv Stalinhradu Ave., building 6, Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel.: + 380 44 537-7606











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Photos by Andriy SHELDUNOV

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