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A day in the city: Chernivtsi


I love spring Ч and who does not?

When life is in blossom like an orchard,

And though in a dream, the lips of leaves whisper,

And the flowers send their fragrant hellos.


Volodymyr Sosyura


When the spring finally comes, it announces its arrival in so many ways! Its trumpets resound over the land! How nice it is to take a long walk on a warm spring day, to look around at the disappearing last vestiges of the past winter, to look at the people, hurrying every which way, or taking a leisurely stroll, to look at the trees which are about to break into leaf, to enjoy the sight of the first blossoms, to fill the lungs with the vernal air, permeated with the subtle vernal fragrances, to open up to the new expectations that the spring brings with it! Imbibe the spring in all of its rejuvenating vibrancy and your soul will not help blossoming.

The cheerful changes are everywhere, even where you wonТt see them at first glance Ч but take another look, embrace the spring!


Photos by Anastasiya Udovychenko



















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