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Traditional dishes of Ukrainian cuisine


The book Ukrainian Traditional uisine by Lidiya Artyukh published by Baltia-Druk Publishing House, Kyiv, 2007, contains a lot of wonderful recipes of traditional Ukrainian dishes. Now some of these recipes appear in our magazine. We hope you will enjoy the dishes made to these recipes.


Ptashky medovi Honey Birds

Wheat flour  1/2 kilo

Baking soda  1/2 teaspoonful

Honey  2 cups Vodka  60 grams

Cooking oil



Add the soda to the flour, mix well. Warm the honey to make it liquid enough (by setting the jar with honey in a pan with very hot water) to be poured into the flour. Pouring the honey into the flour, keep stirring to prevent lumps. Add the vodka and keep stirring and kneading. Set in a cool place overnight. Roll the dough flat and thin, and then cut out shapes of birds with a mold. Bake on an oven tray which is greased with cooking oil.


Zavyvanyk kapustyany Cabbage dish

Head of cabbage  1 kilo

Buckwheat  1 cupful

Dried mushrooms  100 grams

Onions  2 bulbs Vegetable oil  1/2 cup

Breadcrumbs, parsley, dill, salt, pepper



Boil the buckwheat until ready and until no water is left (use about two cupfuls of water). Boil the mushrooms, dice them, fry a little in a small amount of oil, mix into the buckwheat, add salt and pepper to taste.

Separate the cabbage leaves from the cabbage, boil the leaves in salted water to make them soft.

Stuff each leaf with the mixture of buckwheat and mushrooms, put the wrapped-up leaves onto a baking tray which has been smeared with oil. Sprinkle the leaves with oil and breadcrumbs and bake.

Sprinkle with chopped parsley and dill.


Kartoplya nachynena

Potatoes  from 8 to 12, depending on the size

Onions  2 bulbs

Dried mushrooms  100 grams

Vegetable oil, salt, pepper, dill



Select potatoes of equal size, wash well and dry well. Cut off the top of each potato, save the tops and hallow the insides of potatoes. Prepare the stuffing: boil the mushrooms (save the stock), chop them, fry them slightly and add to the chopped onions and the potato flesh that has been scraped out of the tubers and fried in oil. Pepper and salt the stuffing and stuff the tubers; cover each potato with the top that was off at the very beginning of the preparation; place the potatoes in a husyatnytsya (an elongated pig iron pan with a narrow oval bottom for cooking geese or ducks), add the mushroom stock and simmer. Check the tops which must stay at their places. The stock should not evaporate completely during the cooking; the readiness can be checked by gently prodding the potatoes with a matchstick or fork  the matchstick or the prongs should go easily into the soft flesh. Serve while still hot; pour the liquid left from cooking over the potatoes. Sprinkle with finely chopped dill.



Potatoes  1.5 kilos in weight after they have been peeled

Flour  3-4 tablespoonfuls

Milk  1/2 cup Eggs  2 Onions  5 bulbs

Dried mushrooms  150 grams

Hard cheese  300 grams Meat  300 grams



Peel the potatoes and grate them; remove the redundant liquid from the grated potatoes, add the flour and finely chopped onion, 1 egg, salt and pepper. Add warm milk to prevent the grated potatoes from darkening or becoming stiff. Mix well and fry flat cakes (approximately a tablespoonful of the mix per cake) on a pre-heated skillet in cooking oil or butter.

The deruny can be served with sour cream, yogurt and any other similar dairy product; sipping milk goes well with the deruny as well.

Also, deruny can be served with mushrooms (boiled, chopped and fried), mushrooms cooked in sour cream or with boiled and then minced meat: spread the potato grated mix over the bottom of oiled skillet, spread on top the minced meat or the mushrooms, then spread the remaining grated potato over the meat or mushrooms. Fry on a slow fire; be careful when flipping it over to the other side.


Klyotski smazheni

Potatoes  1 kilo Potato starch  2 tablespoonfuls

Egg  1 Onions Cooking oil, salt



Boil the potatoes in their jackets; peel when they have cooled; mince in a grinder or mash well; add the starch, add an egg, mix well and kneed. Divide the potato dough into easily manageable pieces and form them into a finger-thick elongated shapes; cut these elongated pieces into smaller ones, each about two inches long, roll in the starch and fry in a pre-heated skillet.

Serve with chopped onions fried with small pieces of salo (hard pig fat) or with grated brynza (salty cheese), or with grated garlic and vegetable oil.

During Lent or any other period of religious fasting, no eggs or meat should be used.


Photos have been provided by Baltia-Druk Publishing House

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