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Zharaaa Fashion Shows


Zharaaaa2008 Fashion Show that was held at the Alta-Ekspo Pavilion of the Trade Complex Alta-Tsentr, was devoted to the hot summer fashions (zhara is the Russian word for hot weather; the way it is spelled with many as suggests an emotional attitude to the heat of the day). The first day of the Zharaaaa2008 Fashion Show was devoted to the collection presented by Diana Dorozhkina. Her collection was dubbed Sonyakhy (Sunflowers) by the journalists. It was the sunflower that definitely inspired the designer who created light summer dresses, decorated with beads, frills and other decorative elements. Chiffon and silk were the fabrics used, and the corset, a feature in the dress that Diana Dorozhkina favors, featured prominently.

The next day was dominated by the Jetset Fashion Company which presented such world famous trademarks as Georges Rech, Lancel, Carling, leven, and Legend & Soul. Also, on the same day, a number of Ukrainian fashion designers showed their creations too. Yevheniya Fenenko showed her collection Litnya prystrast (Summer Passion) which was meant for women who frequently appear at high-society assemblages  the silk dresses shown were long and lavishly decorated with Swarovski stones. Oksana Forbatyuk called her collection Bili nochy (White Nights) and showed dresses made mostly of flax ingeniously combined with knitted fabrics. The new Trade Mark Lecler showed its Fresh collection which targeted mostly young people  there were bright colors and fabrics which reflected the latest advances in the technologies of making them.

The collection of the Ukrainian fashion designer Golda Vinogradska, Chudova simka (Wonderful Seven) also shone with bright colors of summer  reds, yellows, and greens. It could meet any requirements and satisfy any tastes. Olga Lynnyks Mahiya lita (Magic of Summer) combined bright summer colors with turquoise, lilac and dark-blue colors, and the fabric was silk. Sanatan fashion designer involved show business stars to model its dresses. One of the models wore body-art rather than a dress.

On the last day of the Zharaaaa2008 Fashion Show, the 5th Cruise Collections 10x10 Contest was held  ten dresses from ten sets of clothes to be worn on a fashionable cruise were shown. Fashion designers invited show biz stars and athletes to model their dresses. Viktor Cherkasky and Marysya Horobets, a TV host, modeled The Snows of Kilimanjaro collection (it earned an award from the organizers of the show); Viktor Kobylynsky and Katya Buzhynska, a pop singer, modeled the Odna istoriya (One Story) collection; Oksana Forbatyuk and Liliya Podkopayeva, an Olympic champion,  the Kvytok u mriyu (Ticket to a Dream) collection; Iryna Kharchenko and Mariya Burmaka, a pop singer,  CIX.UA collection; Kostyantyn Ponomaryov and Kost Hnatenko, a poet,  the Pirates of the Caribbean collection; Oleksandr Ocheretny and Snizhana Yehorova, a TV host,  the Placebo collection; Yevhen Fenenko and Vlada Litovchenko, a professional model,  the Monaco collection; Tetyana and Volodymyr VolSTAN and Oleh Pinchuk, a sculptor,  the Imago collection. Olena Ivanova and Harri Korohodsky, a businessman, won the contest with their Studio 54 collection inspired by a once popular New York club Studio 54.

Those who came to see the Zharaaaa2008 Fashion Show were taken back to the heat of summer and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves  the fashion designers and their models also had a very good time.


By Viktoriya SYDORENKO

Photos have been provided

by the organizers of the Zharaaaa2008

Fashion Show


From the collection of Diana Dorozhkina.


From the collection of Victor Cherkasky and

Marysya Horobets.



From the collection of Olena Ivanova and

Harry Korohodsky.



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