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UITT 2008, an international tourist exhibition


President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko proclaimed 2008 the year of tourism in Ukraine. The first major tourist event of the year was the exhibition UITT2008 which was held at the end of March. Mr Yushchenko paid a visit to the exhibition, confirming by his visit the high status of the event.


Some facts about UITT-2008:

Number of companies participating  about 900 (same as last year)

Number of countries participating  58 (same as last year)

Number of visitors involved in, or connected with tourist business  13,250 (about 9,000 last year)

Floor space occupied by the exhibition  14,200 square meters (11,050 last year)


The exhibition attracted a lot of professional and media attention, and the opening ceremony was an overcrowded event. The Secretariat of the President, head of the Verkhovna Rada committee that deals with tourist issues, the State Tourism and Resorts Service and other organizations showed support.

At the opening of the exhibition the President said, We want to show the world a new Ukraine, Ukraine that has a great cultural heritage and tourist potential, adding that the number of foreign tourists visiting Ukraine grew by twenty five percent annually, and that meant that the tourist industry has a great future. The President must have made a reference by saying this to the European soccer championship that will be held in Ukraine and in Poland in 2012.

For the participants, the exhibition was an event which they had been looking for quite some time. Compared to the previous exhibition, the floor space occupied by the exhibition has grown by 25 percent and the exhibition was housed in three very large pavilions of the International Exhibition Center on the left bank of the Dnipro. In addition to the central section of the UITT2008 exhibition devoted to tourism, different sections of the exhibition included those which were called Hotel & Restaurant Expo Ukraine, CleanExpo Ukraine, Boats, Motorboats and Yachts, Brand4Rent  Franchising and Other Possibilities, and Decor & Gifts.

The number of tourist companies and countries represented at the UITT2008 exhibition has not grown since the previous UITT exhibition, probably because the interest in the Ukrainian tourist market has already been formed, and the interested parties have already made up their minds as to the participation in such exhibitions. The organizers consider the participation of Italy that exhibited its tourist wares at a unified national stand instead of separate stands of Italian tourist companies as an organizational success (the Italians were awarded the Best Debut prize), Turkeys unified stand looked like a street in an Asian town and it was awarded a prize for the Best National Stand. As is only natural, the largest portion of the pavilion where the UITT exhibition was held, was occupied by Ukrainian tourist companies and agencies, and other tourism-related organizations, with the predominance, as always, of companies from the Crimea and Kyiv.

Within the framework of the exhibition, the 3rd International Conference MICE Ukraine2008 (organization of conferences and business meetings), and the 2nd International Business Forum Small Hotels and Apartments in Ukraine were held. The participants of both events took part in discussions and master classes devoted to the subjects discussed. Also, numerous other seminars and presentations were held in the 9 conference halls of the Exhibition Center.

Those participants of the exhibition who were polled said that the exhibition was the most efficient instrument in promoting the sale of tourist services. Even without the poll, the crowds around the stands were visual confirmation of the great interest the exhibition evoked both among the potential tourists and among tour operators.



Photos by Ivan DUDKIN and Oleksiy ONISHCHUK










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