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Ukrainian pret-a-porter fashion week


The 22nd fashion week in a row was held in mid-March in the capitals fashion center  the International Exhibition Center  where 1,740 clothing designs were showcased as part of 52 designer collections. We were among the 30,000 trend observers invited to the show.


Ukrainian fashion has taken off! In February, the Ukrainian fashion brigade, which included Oleksiy Zalevskiy, the duet of Tetyana Zemskova and Olena Vorozhbyt, Oksana Karavanska, Lilia Pustovit, and Olena Burenina, disembarked in Washington, where their collections were shown as part of DC Fashion Week. Olena Dats presented her collection in Paris in showroom format during Paris Fashion Week. On the first day of spring, corset queen Diana Dorozhkina wowed the Palm Beach fashion crowd at Palm Beach Fashion Week. A grandiose show of the Ukrainian prime ministers favorite designer, Aina Hasse, took place in Milan in April

After fascinating the world, they returned to Ukraine. Most of them immediately took to the podium at Ukrainian Fashion Week  for many it was the first, and will remain the dearest, much as it is for over 40 other designers who presented their creations this year to foreign buyers, journalists, and clients as part of the fashion marathon.

By Marysya Horobets

Photos have been provided by the Ukrainian Fashion Week organizers


Designer Anna BUBLYK presented her cutting-edge

silhouettes and the fashionable trend colors

of the season  gray and yellow. Glazed leather

the color of asphalt throughout  sleeveless

jackets, boleros, handbags, belts, and footwear.




The designer collection of Olha HROMOVA opened

Ukrainian Pret-a-Porter Week under the pseudo-

cosmic name of 271, the approximate temperature

in which the universe exists. The point of departure

for Hromova, who returned to the podium for the first

time after a five-year absence, was the idea of neo-

design. This fashion trend confirms that there is no

more natural environment, but only the artificial,

created by humans. Hence, the futuristic look of

the collection and the podiums decor.




One of the brightest collections of the fashion week,

from Nota Bene&Karavay, referred to the 1980s,

with its sporty functionalism and careful feminism.

The minimalist dresses were decorated with comical

cartoon characters. The hand decor was from

Karavay the most desired and tastiest morsels

in the designers own style.



A womens collection in the minimalist style from

Anna BABENKO  not one pair of trousers, just

dresses and skirts  and nothing below the knee.

Dramatic colors  even red did not reach the

height of brightness  from a shade of faded

bordeaux to dark coral


The aristocratic minimalism ideally expressed by

young but talented perfectionist Svitlana BEVZA was

to everyones taste. Models promenaded the

podium like modern-day Mary Poppinses  strict,

well-mannered, and intelligent, while at the same

time cheerful and flighty. Dark colors and

asymmetry throughout  the trend of the

next season  the maestro emphasized.



Traditionally during Ukrainian Fashion Week,

New Names (6 collections) and FRESH FASHION

(8 collections) demonstrate their creative talents.

Of these, the romantic-lyrical folk collection

Herbarium of Katya PSHECHENKO resonated with

the soul with its expanse of handmade embroidery,

applications and trimmings.


Designer Oksana KARAVANSKA transported guests

into the world of night and mysticism to the

accompaniment of a shaman guitar. No sooner

than trend watchers took in the creative handmade

knitwear, evening blouses with embroidery and

Ukrainian Easter eggs, and costumes of complex,

dark, trendy colors, than models climbed a ladder

and disappeared in the twilight.


Closing the pret-a-porter fashion week was Ukrainian

fashion guru Lilia PUSTOVIT. Laconic but not

straightforward  thats the uniqueness of Pustovits

design style. A limited and severe color range and

a clear commercialism led to the thought that the

Pustovit collection was rather dry. Be that as it may,

today her collections are sold in Russia, Switzerland,

England and China. Pustovits clothing is ordered by

stores in France, Iceland, America and Korea. The

designer, meanwhile, creates in Ukraine, and thats

the most pleasant of all.


Oleksandr HAPCHUK revealed his real self, who is

not afraid to take advantage of womens dress for

receptions  many-layered, furry adornments on

classical costumes, frills on shirts, gold prints, large

sleeves. Hapchuk has again demonstrated his daring

and sweep through the prism of his bright and

creative collection.


The Zhyvopys collection of Andre TAN was inspired

by Paris and impressionists. The designer painted

in his characteristic smart couture style a

romantic, trendy and contemporary collection.

Among the highlights were his hat-pallet and

continuum, decorated with scraps of newspaper:

A bit of trash doesnt hurt, Tan believes.


Designer Eduard Nasyrov created the Mosty (Bridges) collection for the TM Stolychny. Our life is a bridge along which we move from one stage to another, allowing others at certain moments to move along our creations, as at times, we move along others territoryWe build some bridges with the hopes for their bright future, and destroy others as invisible witnesses to failed efforts, mistakes and ties to the past. The designer came up with the idea thanks to the Moskovsky Bridge, where he has often found himself stuck in traffic and thus had the time to envision the collection, which poured onto the podium in the colors of steel-cement constructions, bordeaux, fatigue green, shades of gray in wool, cotton and silk fabrics.

You can try on the Stolychny collection in the salon at 28 Kominterna St., or order by phone: 244-0058.









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