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Children festival World of Talents


The 5th International Childrens Festival Svit Talantiv-2007 was held in December 2007 in Kyiv, Ukraine, with the support provided by the public organization Zhinka tretyoho tysyacholittya. The venue of the concluding gala concert was the Ivan Franko Academic Theater in Kyiv.


Over 300 talented participants, aged from 5 to 17, from Belarus, Estonia, Germany, Tatarstan (Russia), Greece, Hungary and Ukraine took part in the Festival Svit talantiv  World of Talents.

Opening the gala concert, Lidiya Lisimova, president of the Festival and of the public organization Zhinka tretyoho tysyacholittya (Woman of the Third Millennium), greeted the audience and thanked the parents of the children, who took part in the Festival, the members of the jury and all those who made their contributions to the development of childrens talents.

The idea of holding such festivals was welcomed by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko in his letter addressed to the organizers and participants of the present Festival.

The jury, headed by Oleksandr Zlotnyk, a composer, and Serhiy Matyash, honorary chairman of the National Committee Miss Ukraine, included artists, scientists, actors, fashion designers and TV presenters.

The concert began with the participants parading on the stage, wearing their traditional national dresses, to the sounds of the anthem of the Festival.

The MCs were Oleksiy Bohdanovych, Yevhen Nyshchuk, professional actors, and Anastasiya and Kateryna Krebs, laureates of the Festival.

Ukrainian opera and pop stars entertained the audience with their performance of national Ukrainian songs and pop songs. Among the performers were Nina Matviyenko, Olha Dobryanska, Assiya Akhat, Vasyl Lazarovych, Vitaliy Kozlovsky, Pavlo Tabakov, Nataliya Valevska, Nataliya Buchynska, Dmytro Klimashenko, Iryna Rosenfeld and Oleh Shak.

The young participants of the Festival showed their talents in singing, dancing, acrobatics, modeling and fashion design, painting and sculpture.

The young performers were awarded prizes from the public organization Zhinka tretyoho tysyacholittya, which included mobile phones, DVD and CD players. All the participants were given all sorts of honorary titles, silver butterflies with golden antennae, crowns and other souvenirs and memorabilia connected with the Festival.

The organizers and participants of the festival expressed their thanks to the insurance company Profesiyny zakhyst, which provided insurance, to the soft toys company FANCY, official partner of the Prizes Fund, to the companies Solvay Pharma and Pharmasko, official partners of the Festival, to the TV Station 5 Kanal, Era TV and Radio Company, Medium TV, and magazine Mademoiselle, information partner of the Festival.

The proceeds from the sales of the tickets to the gala concert (each ticket cost 2,500 hryvnyas  about 500 dollars) were used for buying medicines for children who suffer from mucoviscidosis (fibrocystic disease of the pancreas).

The public organization Zhinka tretyoho tysyacholittya intends to continue to hold such festivals in the future thus encouraging young talents and making medicines available, through charity action, to those who can ill afford them.


Materials for the article were provided by Anastasiya BODNAR

Photos were provided by the organizers of the Festival


Lidiya Lisimova, Festivals president, Festival

participants and a special festival cake.


MCs Anastasiya Danchevska and Kataryna Krebs.


Hana Brit, Little Miss International 2007.


Nina Matviyenko, the celebrated Ukrainian singer.


Tetyana Hulyk 1st prize in singing,

and Nataliya Buchynska, a pop singer.


Khrystyna Nikodymova, recipient

of Grand Prix in choreography.


Valeriya Dmytriyeva, Little Miss World-2007,

and Pavlo Tabakov, a pop singer.


Olya Tymoshenko Grand Prix in singing,

and Nataliya Valevska, a pop singer.


Supported by IPO Zhinka tretyoho tysyacholittya


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