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Traveling in a bathtub


Eccentrics will always keep making this world a little more exciting. Recently, two eccentrics traveled from Odesa in the Black Sea all the way to Kyiv in a motorized bathtub. How about that for fun and excitement?

Roman Bilyk is a veteran motorist who once traveled around India riding a very old motorbike (the make he rode was called Yava  it used to be very popular in the soviet times). His companion was Artem who is known by his sobriquet hitchhiker, which describes him well.

They started their bathtub journey from Deribasivska, the most famous street in Odesa, and finished it in Khreshchatyk, the central street of Kyiv. The highway they chose is considered to be one of the best in Ukraine but they said their ride was not as smooth as they expected it would be. The road police that stopped them once in a while proved to have a good sense of humor and asked whether they had all the technical papers a motorized vehicle is supposed to have. And of course, they checked out their drivers licenses. Other motorists on the road proved to be equally courteous.

Several times Romans and Artems vehicle lost one of its wheels and passing by cars stopped and the drivers offered help. They also asked for a permission to take a picture.

When they arrived in Kyiv, during a press conference held at a UNIAN press-conference center, the well-known politician Volodymyr Lytvyn climbed into the bathtub on wheels and asked to have his picture. Later, the bathtub travelers took a ride in one of the parks of Kyiv, with someone sitting at the back of the vehicle and playing the accordion.

On the way back to Odesa, they were escorted part of the way by a car complete with the police siren and lights, and at one of the gas stations, the attendant asked, without batting an eyelid, Will you have a full bathtub of gas? When they were in the vicinity of the city of Uman, the bathtub travelers were caught in a swarm of beetles.

When they reached the town of Kryve Ozero, just about halfway to Odesa, their vehicle broke down and they had to abandon it, securing the steering wheel with a steel rope. The thing is Roman was being late for his wedding and he did not want to miss it altogether.

When several days later they returned to retrieve their vehicle, Roman and Artem discovered that one wheel was missing but otherwise the bathtub was surprisingly intact. It was in a good enough condition and after the repairs, it was good enough for completing the journey to Odesa.

It took the eccentrics full five days to go to Kyiv and return back to Odesa (plus two days were spent in Kyiv). Their bathtub trip was entered into the Book of Records of Ukraine as 1,000 kilometers in a bathtub.

Usually tourists travel to get positive emotions  we traveled to give positive emotions to others. Its a great fun too, said Roman.


By Yevhen BUDKO




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