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The muse of Palmira Hotel in Yalta


In a generous gesture of promoting art, Yalta, the central resort town on the southern Crimean coast, invited a number of well-known Ukrainian artists to come over and spend a week at one of Yaltas hotels by the sea. It was an invitation to happily combine getting inspired, creating art and relaxing.

The project was carried out under the patronage of Yaltas City Council. The organizer was the Artistic Union Slavuta, and the hotel where the artists lived was Palmira Palace.

The artists  Anatoliy Haydamaka, Leonid Hopanchuk, Vasyl Kopayhorenko, Mykhailo Hayevy, Ivan Pylypenko, Volodymyr Marchuk, Iryna Oliynyk, Mykola Kochubey, Maryna Lapa, Yaroslava Fedorova-Nepyipyvo  were accommodated in suites with gorgeous views of the sea from the windows. The atmosphere of luxury of the Palmira hotel, one of the best in the Crimea, contributed greatly to the inspiration to create art.

Excursions to the scenic places in the vicinity of Yalta, Mount Ai-Petri included, were another source of inspiration. Incidentally, one of the excursions was guided by the Mayor of Yalta Serhiy Braiko.

Each of the artists painted their individual pictures and sketches but at the end of their stay, the artists joined together in painting one big canvas, united by the artistic Muse.

The painting of their joint effort was titled Angel That Protects the Crimea. Looking at this picture one feels that various emotions are reflected in it  joy, inspired by the sea, love, sorrow and serene sadness. Some see philosophical symbolism in the picture  transience of things, unity of the past, present and future in the eternal flow of time.

The picture, which was dedicated to Her Majesty the Muse of Art, was presented to Yalta. The presentation was held at the exhibition of children drawings, I and My Native City at the Exhibition Center of the Union of Artists of Yalta. The jury made up of representatives of Yaltas City Council, Yalta and Kyiv artists, journalists, members of the Artistic Union Slavuta, and Tetyana Lohush, president of the Mystetska skarbnytsya (Art Treasure) Fund, assessed the childrens works and awarded prizes.

We intend to make such invitations to artists to come and work and unwind in Yalta a tradition, we want to make Yalta a vibrant artistic center, not only a popular resort. We want to promote the spiritual development in Yalta. The picture Angel That Protects the Crimea which can be regarded as a proper symbol of the nascent tradition, will be hung in our art museum, said Mayor Braiko at the presentation ceremony.

At a farewell party, Muse of Palmira, held at the Hotel Palmira Palace, the artists presented ten of their pictures to the hotel. They were hung in various places of its interior.

Says Maksym Ponomarenko, financial director of the hotel, The Hotel Palmira Palace regularly organizes art-related actions which become traditional. Paintings by Oksana and Anton Hudzikevych, Vyachelsav Makarov, Anastasiya Suslova, Andriy Inozemtsev and other artists of the Art-Yug Gallery adorn the hotels interiors. We are planning to invite foreign artists as well. In two years since the hotel opened, we have carried out quite a few art and other projects. We organize billiard competitions, festivals and concerts jointly with Yalta authorities. Distinguished figures in the world of politics and business stay at our hotel. Among such distinguished guests was, for example, the daughter of Winston Churchill. We hold seminars dealing with various subjects, beauty and sport contests, and we intend to do so in the future.


Yaltas Mayor Serhiy Braiko; in the background
the picture Angel That Protects the Crimea which
the artists, who had created it, presented to Yalta.


Sea Queen by Vasyl Kopayhorenko.


Woman and the Sea by Volodymyr Marchuk.


Warm Morning by Mykhailo Hayovy.


Guards by Yaroslava Fedorova-Nepyipyvo.


Crimean Palmira. The Magic of the Night
by Leonid Hopanchuk.


The Muse of the Palmira Hotel
by Mykola Kochubey.


Morning by Ivan Pylypenko.


The Girl-Spring by Anton Hudzykevych.


Southern Night by Anatoliy Haydamaka.


Psyche by Maryna Lapa.


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