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Woman of the IIIrd millennium



The prizes Zhinka III tysyacholittya  Woman of the 3rd Millennium, are awarded to women of Ukraine and women of Ukrainian descent, who live elsewhere, for their achievements in various spheres of endeavor  politics, business and culture.


Last year, Zhinka III tysyacholittya prizes were awarded for the first time. These prizes were instituted thanks to the untiring efforts of Lidiya Lisimova.

Last year the prize winners gathered for a round-table discussion and decided that the Woman of the 3rd Millennium project should be made international. They initiated the establishment of a public organization, Woman of the 3rd Millennium, whose priorities should be the revival of Ukrainian national culture, development of the arts, child health protection, philanthropy, education and development of womans personality. This year Zhinka III tysyacholittya prize winners are bright personalities who are pride and beauty of Ukraine and of other countries of the world, women who are berehyni (this Ukrainian word does not have a close correspondence in English and can be loosely translated as protectress and supporter  tr.) of hearth and home, women who are loving wives, women who are mothers of their own children and orphans that they take care of, said Ms Lisimova.

The organizers of the Zhinka III tysyacholittya Contest addressed themselves to various companies, enterprises and organizations with a request to send the names of women who excelled in something and descriptions of their good deeds to the Vyshcha predstavnytska rada (Higher Representative Council) which is headed by Prof. Oleksandr Zlotnyk, a composer. The council which is made up of a couple of dozen people selected whom they thought were the best 37 women in various nominations.

The ceremony of awarding the prizes was held at the National Opera of Ukraine in Kyiv.

The prize winners in the nomination Znakovi postati III tysyacholittya (Important Figures of the 3rd Millennium) were women who distinguished themselves in various spheres of life.

Sandra Elizabeth Roelofs, the wife of the President of Georgia, heads the Charity Fund SOCO which provides help for the most socially disadvantaged people. She also does charity work in the sphere of health protection of mothers and their newly-born children. Mrs Roelofs heads the Georgian Global Anti-HIV/ AIDS and Tuberculosis Fund and the National Committee of Reproductive Health. Mrs Roelofs does a lot of other very noble and very important things. She, a mother of two children, is a linguist by education; she is fluent in six languages, Georgian and local Mengrel included. She is indeed a woman of the Third Millennium.

Kira Muratova, a motion picture director, is well known in Ukraine for her films which treat the issues of today in all of their contradictions in a profound philosophical manner. A number of leading actors (Volodymyr Vysotsky, Nina Ruslanova, Renata Lytvynova and others) played in her films. Kira Muratova was born in the village of Soroka, and began her work in cinema at the Odesa Film Studio.

Naomi Ben-Ami, Israeli ambassador to Ukraine, was born in the city of Chernivtsi in Ukraine. This charming woman began her diplomatic career early in life, and before coming to Ukraine, she had held diplomatic posts in Portugal, Russia and Lithuania. Her contribution to the development of friendly relations between Ukraine and Israel is considerable. She heads the Bureau Native which has been taking care of repatriates to Israel from many countries of the world.

Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper, a US astronaut of Ukrainian descent, who flew on a Shuttle mission, spent 12 days in orbit, and took space walks that lasted over 13 hours. Recently, she visited Ukraine and impressed her hosts by her good knowledge of Ukraine, Ukrainian language and Ukrainian songs. During her stay in Ukraine, she visited her relatives who live in the villages of the Land of Lvivshchyna. The meetings proved to be very emotional.

Prizes in the nomination Rating were awarded to those women who scored remarkable achievements and yet found time to take care of their families, children and homes: Svitlana Postelnikova, a businesswoman; Natalya Sumska, an actress; Hanna Dushchak, a poet who has been bed-ridden for many years; Iryna Dykan, a physician; Aina Gase, a fashion designer; Alla Mazur, a TV newscaster; Serafima, Mother Superior of a nunnery; Hanna Bezsonova, a gymnast; Olesya Potimkova, born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and now one of the managers of a hotel complex in Hungary; Svitlana Yepifantseva, a historian and founder and director of the Complex Part-Hotel in Dnipropetrovsk; Lilya Ihosheva, mother of ten children.

Among the sponsors of the prize awarding ceremony were the Hotel Radisson SAS Kyiv, the Beauty Parlor Ni-Ka, the Kyiv Children Fund, the Children Studio Styl I moda, and the chain of stores Olesya.

Prizes in the nomination Perspektyva (Prospects) were awarded to the young and promising.

Within the general Zhinka III tysyacholittya project there are several other projects that are being carried out. One of them is called Ni mukovistsydozu (No to Mukoviscidosis, a hereditary disease of infants and young children that causes respiratory problems, malnutrition, diarrhea and cough). The disease can result in death. There are over 600 children in Ukraine suffering from this disease.

During the award-presentation ceremony a call to give whatever monetary donations the guests and participants could towards combating this disease was made and the money collected was transferred to the Mothers Committee.



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Grigol and Yana Katamadze,
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