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Zharaaaaa, Hot Weather fashion shows


Shortly before the summer season of 2007 Zharaaa 2007  Hot Weather Fashion Shows were held at the Alta Center in Kyiv during three days, May 18,19 and 20. The shows were televised and regular reports from the shows were shown at the Natsionalny kanal I (National Channel) TV Station. The shows were organized by the Kyivsky podium (Kyiv Catwalk) advertisement and information agency. Both guests who were present at the Zharaaa 2007 fashion shows and TV viewers had a chance to express their opinion through interactive voting by phoning in or sending SMS messages.

During the first two days summer collections were shown by Oksana Karavanska, Holda Vinohradska (Zholi Dam), Sanatan, Kostyantyn Ponomaryov, Yevhen Fenenko, Tetyana and Volodymyr Volstan.

The third day was entirely devoted to the 4th Cruise Collections Contest 10x10. It was during this contest that the interactive voting actually took place. Oleksandr Ocheretny, Taras Kraskin, Yury Varyvoda, Kostyantyn Ponomaryov, Iryna Kharchenko, Tetyana and Volodymyr Volstan, Viktor Kobylynsky, Holda Vinohradska, Stella Shakhovska and Viktor Cherkasky showed their hot collections.

The drawing of lots to determine the sequence of presentation of their collections by fashion designers at the shows was held at the Restaurant Place.

The numbers, which the fashion designers got, showed not only their place in the sequence at which they were to present their collections but could also be used by the viewers to indicate their preferences by sending SMS messages or by making phone calls. A reserve jury (set up on the model of a similar jury that functions at the Eurovision Song Contests) was made up of representatives of the fashion business and of journalists.

Natalya Rozynska and Volodymyr Yaremenko (announcers from the Natsionalny kanal I-National Channel TV Station) announced the winners of the Cruise Collections Contest 10x10. Yury Varyvodas collection Feshenebelna podorozh! (Luxurious Trip) was awarded the first place and a prize  an automobile.

The companies INTEL and SAMSUNG  partners of the 10x10 Contest  presented their new products made at the cutting edge of technology, and offered the fashion designers who took part in the contest to create their own decorative designs for laptops. These designs were exhibited in the lobby of the pavilion where the fashion shows were held. Yury Varyvodas design was recognized to be the best one and he was given another prize  a Samsung laptop.

As a matter of fact, all the participants of the contest were given souvenirs by the Jewelry Design Studio Hararuk  each one got a signed piece of jewelry called Diamond Button. Each piece was made of gold and decorated with five black diamonds.

New collections were also shown by the winners of the previous 10x10 contests Ostroverkhova/Zavadsky, winners of the 2006 10x10 contest and Diana Dorozhkina, winner of the 2004 10x10 contest. Dorozhkina created a collection of accessories especially for the Zharaaa 2007 shows. She called her collection, which included leather bags and backpacks, excellent in design and highly functional, Rosiysky Standart. At the party to mark the end of the shows an auction of these accessories was organized and almost all the articles were purchased.


By Olha Kosynska

Photographs have been provided by the organizing

committee of the Zharaaa 2007 shows


From the collection of Viktor Cherkasky.


From the collection of Yury Varyvoda.


From the collection of Yury Varyvoda.


From the collection of Taras Kraskin.


From the collection of Stella Shakhovska.


From the collection of Yury Varyvoda.


From the collection of Oksana Karavanska.


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