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Days of Ukrainian culture in Monaco


In October 2006, Monaco acquired a feature for some time that it did not have before  Ukrainian national flags and posters that said, Ukrainian Days. Ukrainians who visited Monaco in those days were pleased to see this Ukrainian touch in the aristocratic atmosphere of Monaco, against the background of red Ferraris in the narrow streets and white yachts at the moorings.


The International Public and Patriotic Foundation Dni Ukrayiny (Days of Ukraine), the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Ukraine in the French Republic organized Days of Ukraine in Europe 2006. The days were held in the Principality of Monaco which hosted The Days with great hospitality.

The Ukrainian delegation to Monaco was led by Maksym Tymoshenko, president of the Dni Ukrayiny Foundation. The delegation wanted Monaco to appreciate things Ukrainian and establish traditions of peoples diplomacy.

The venue of the opening ceremony of The Days was Jimmyz, a fashionable entertainment centre, which is situated next door to the Monte Carlo Bay, one of the best hotels of Cote dAzur.

The first day of The Days of Ukraine, October 20, began with a fashion show  Diana Dorozhkina, the queen of corsets as she is often called in Ukraine, showed her collection of elegant dresses; this event was followed by a pop music show at which Ukrainian pop stars Tina Karol and Asiya Akhat performed. The day ended with a late night party at which the Status Company offered drinks it makes.

On the second day, a monument to Serge Lifar, a Ukrainian born ballet dancer of world renown, who founded a ballet troupe in Monaco, was unveiled in the Opera House of Monaco. The monument was created by Anatoliy Valiyev, a sculptor from Kyiv. Volodymyr Hryshko, the Ukrainian tenor of world fame, and Viktor Melnyk, a seventeen-year old tenor from Ukraine (you can find an interview with him in this issue of Welcome to Ukraine) provided the proper atmosphere to the Opera House event.

Later that day, a charity evening was held at the Cabaret Monte Carlo. The proceeds will be used for providing assistance to the Skhodynky School in Kyiv, Ukraine (this boarding school takes care of autistic children and children with certain emotional problems) and to the Children and Youth Circus Centre in the town of Berdychiv, Ukraine. An auction was held, and after the auction, Anatoliy Zalevsky, a circus artiste from Ukraine with probably more honorary titles and awards than any other circus artiste in the world, performed on the stage of the famous cabaret. Other performers at the Days of Ukraine were the show ballet Todes and the French singer Ingrid.

The Days of Ukraine in Europe 2006 were definitely a success which inspired the organizers to plan similar events in the future.



Photographs have been provided

by the Days of Ukraine in Europe

2006 Organizing Committee


Olena Petrenko, Lyudmyla Rusalina,
Volodymyr Harkushyn, Diana Dorozhkina,
Serhiy Kryvosheya, Zoya Lytvyn.


Anatoliy and Alisa Valiyevy, Maksym
Tymoshenko, Marysya Horobets,
a journalist, and Yury Serheyev.


Francois Caroniya, Vera Mayevska,
Suren Balayan, Kateryna Tymoshenko.


Viktor Melnyk and Volodymyr
Hryshko, the opera singers.


Antonina Borodavko, Leonid
Naydyuk and Marysya Horobets.


Maksym Tymoshenko, president
of the Dni Ukrayiny Foundation,
Yury and Natalya Serheyev.


Volodymyr Hryshko and the Bayda Trio.


Tina Karol, a pop singer.


Lyudmyla Rusalina, Francois
Caroniya, and Diana Dorozhkina,
a fashion designer.


Veronika Tytarenko, Francois
Caroniya, Oksana Lytvynenko.


Tetyana Borysenko, Maksym
Tymoshenko, Michaela
and Claud Bonuccii.


Anatoliy Zalevsky,
the Ukrainian circus wonder.


Asiya Akhat.


Nataliya Nadtochiy, Diana Dorozhkina,
Marysya Horobets, Antonina Borodavko.


The unveiling ceremony
of the monument to Serge Lifar.




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