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Opalkova Khata a Polish restaurant in Kyiv



When spring is on its way, the sun seems to shine in a special way, the sky seems to be particularly clear and beautiful; the fragrances of the coming and long-awaited spring are particularly sweet and delicate.

But it is only in the country that you can get a feel of the spring in full measure, enjoy the gentle wind that touches your face and sways branches with buds that are about to burst into leaf. And the vernal singing of birds can be fully appreciated only when you leave the city and go to the country.

The spring is a giddy time; the world around you seems to become a kaleidoscopic adventure, every moment of which you want to savour. But in order to really enjoy it, you do have to leave the stone labyrinths of the megalopolis and take a trip to the countryside in company of your friends.

Opalkova Khata, the first Polish restaurant in Kyiv, is an ideal place to visit. The restaurant has a cosy atmosphere of a comfortable home, full of warmth and hospitality. Its best to go there with your friends or family.

Though the restaurant is situated within the city limits, in the suburb known as Petropavlivska Borshchahivka, it enjoys the advantages of a country-side location. The Restaurant Opalkova Khata sits in a neat yard with green grass, coniferous trees growing in a calculated, scenic manner here and there, and surrounded with a cheerful wooden fence. Among the pines you can glimpse 6 wooden houses (each of them  a restaurant hall), several gazebos, a childrens playground and a bigger two-storied house, the central restaurant hall, with two terraces.

The roofs are covered with hay and reeds; the walls and the furniture reveal the warm wood they are made of; and curtains made of flax, add a nice touch to the interiors.

The warm hues of wood, the way the houses are located in the yard and in relation to each other, the cosy interior with all the details carefully chosen, a small pond in the centre of the yard, all these things combined create a special atmosphere of a relaxed wellbeing and unity with nature. If you want to get away from it all and have a great and relaxing time, Opalkova Khata is the place to go to.

Opalkova Khata offers an excellent choice of dishes, the best of Polish cuisine, and the Polish cuisine is known for its German substantiality, its Slavic lavishness, which is spiced with Turkish cooking traditions.

Dishes of Polish cuisine are delicate and tasty  on warm summer days, it will not overburden your stomach, and on cold days of fall and winter it will provide energy and warmth. A beer or a shot of Zubrovka vodka can be an advisable accompaniment to the meal.

Opalkova Khata offers dishes not only of Polish cuisine but those of Ukrainian, or general European cuisines. And there are excellent specialties offered by the chef. The wine card will let you have exactly what you want.

It would be wrong not to mention the excellence of service provided at Opalkova Khata. You will get all the attention you deserve in a very friendly but not imposing manner. It is the kind of service that lets you forget about all your worries and enjoy your time at the restaurant.

Opalkova Khata provides much more than food  it takes a very good care of you, so you enjoy every moment you spend there.

Do come to explore Opalkova Khatas hospitality, warmth and great food!


Open every day of the week

from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm



16 Petropavlivska St,

Village of Petropavlivska Borshchahivka

(can be best accessed from

Velyka Okruzhna Doroha Highway)

Tel.: +380 (44) 466-8806,

+ 380 (67) 441-1441




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