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World of Talents Childrens Festival


The 4th Childrens Festival Svit talantiv (The World of Talents) was held in Kyiv at the end of 2006.


The Festival was organized with the support from the Zhinka III tysyacholittya (Woman of the 3rd Millennium) public organization and the Ministry of Ukraine for Family Matters, Youth and Sports. Participants came from Belarus, Tatarstan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, South Korea and, of course, from many parts of Ukraine (Cernivtsi, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovohrad, Feodosiya, Kherson, Zaporizhzhya, and the Lands of Ivano-Frankivshchyna and Kyivshchyna).

The show that concluded the festival was based on the popular story for children Buratino (which, in its turn, is based on the Italian story about Pinocchio). The MCs were Svitlana Artamonova, II Little Vice Miss of Kyiv 2001 and Anastasiya Danchevska, II Young Vice Miss World 2005, who impersonated two characters from the Buratino story. Oleksiy Bohdanovych, a popular actor, was a guide through the show.

The first part of the show was dedicated to the young talents  singers, dancers, ensembles, fashion designers, performers and artists. All the participants were dressed in national costumes and held national flags of the countries they represented.

During the second part of the show, the young talents enacted the Buratino story in which the puppet theatre of Karabas-Barabas occupied the central place. They modeled dresses of their own design which amply demonstrated that childrens fantasy knows no bounds. The participants not only designed their costumes but also helped grown-ups to actually make the dresses. At the finale of the show which was most impressive, they appeared in refined evening dresses holding candles in the shape of flowers.

The award-presentation ceremony was held at the very end of the show. The prizes and presents  flowers, certificates of appreciation, crowns, pendants in the shape of the butterfly (emblems of the festival)  were handed to the winners by the prize winners of the previous Svit talantiv festivals.

In fact, all the participants got some presents or souvenirs  the Company Fancy provided wonderful toys; the Company Prosvita provided good books; the Olesya chains of stores provided discount cards and decorations; the Dyvosvit Family Entertainment Center provided its own souvenirs. All the partners and sponsors of the festival made their contributions to the festivals great success. The show was thoroughly enjoyed both by the participants and by the spectators.


By Viktor Sydorenko

Photos have been provided

by the organizers of Svit talantiv Festival








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