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Crystal Silhouette one-dress fashion show and contest


At the 10th International One-dress Contest Kryshtalevy Syluet (Crystal Silhouette) that was recently held in Kyiv, Italian fashion designers added their wonderful touch to the shows; at the same time, Ukrainian fashion designers proved to be on a par with the Italians.


They say that fashion design is Italys boutonniere. The style of Italian fashion design, as it is created by Italys best fashion designers, is inimitable and immediately recognizable. The organizers of the 10th International One-dress Contest Kryshtalevy Syluet invited a number of Italians who have distinguished themselves in the realm of fashion to sit on the panel of judges and to represent Italian fashion design in the capacity of the guests of honour. Among them were Stefano Dominella, head of the Gattinoni Fashion House and Alta Moda president, and Luciano Barbera whom the journalists often call the most elegant man of the world. US presidents are said to wear suits of Barberas design.

Italian fashion design is said to be based on the principle the simpler the better, and the dresses shown at the Kryshtalevy Syluet Contest reflected this principle. The audiences at the Kryshtalevy Syluet Contest shows which were held in the Palats Ukrayina Concert Hall, were enthralled by what they saw on the catwalk. Italian graphic expressiveness, no matter how colourful were the dresses shown, was distinctive. Costumes were meant to look like costumes, purses were meant to look like purses  there were no dresses that could be transformed into something else. The main emphasis was on whether those who wear the dresses felt comfortable wearing them.

A good example of such an approach was the dress Abito Vivo from Gattinoni, which was shown by the Ukrainian model Marysya Horobets. This fantastic dress had been previously shown in France, Italy, China and the USA, and everywhere it was a great hit. The dress, which is worth 250,000 Euros, was presented to the eager public by such stars as Madonna, Beyonce Knowles and Patricia Kaas. Ms Horobets is a person of a more lyrical disposition and initially it was not clear whether she would be able to fit the image that the dress conveys but from the first moments of the show it became clear that she was doing it perfectly well, imparting to the dress the Slavic femininity and warmth.

Serhiy Babak, the director of the show, chose the very right time for Ms Horobets to appear on the catwalk. Her appearance set the tone for the rest of the show. The black-and-white colour scheme of the stage arrangement and dress code for the VIPs created the necessary visual accents and the right atmosphere of the whole event. The organizers of the 10th International Contest Kryshtalevy Syluet  the Art Modelling Institute, the Italian company Target and the general sponsor the Myronivsky Khliboprodukt Holding Company  dedicated the Kryshtalevy Syluet shows to love and to those who are in love.

The sequence of appearances and their colour schemes were carefully arranged and directed in accordance with the general style and themes of Kryshtalevy Syluet shows. Nadiya Hanzhas Nichna Muza Moema (Maughams Night Muse) looked very graceful; Vlada Hurdynas Sny Berdsleya (Beardsleys Dreams) looked very unusual; Svitlana Voits Podviyny udar (Double Strike) looked magnificent. Fashion designers from Dnipropetrovsk Olha and Tetyana Horbachuk showed a very mature approach. Yaroslav Ionov, a fashion designer from Kyiv, showed a dress which moved the audience by its gentleness and elegance. The dress Podykh perlyny (Pearls Breath) shown by Natalya Esmond from Odesa, was awarded enthusiastic applause and cheers Bravo! The dress Giselle designed by Yury Varyvoda was purchased by Natalya Kovalko, a lawyer and daughter of the well-known politician Anatoly Kinakh, even before it was shown on the catwalk. The dress was awarded the first place in Pret-a-porter de Luxe category. The BP Stolychny designers remained, as always anonymous, but they also showed dresses of superior quality and excellent design.

Viktor Hryhoryev, a fashion designer from Kyiv, took part in the Kryshtalevy Syluet contest for the first time but he won prizes in two categories. Oksana Tymoninas Mysha sira (Grey Mouse) won the second place in Pret-a-porter de Luxe category. The experienced and talented designer Ayna Gases Vin pochekaye (Hell Wait) was awarded the first place in Fantasy category. Lidiya Konstantynova presented dresses each of which was like a show in itself, and won the second place in Fantasy category. The Grand Prix of the Kryshtalevy Syluet contest was won by Diana Dominicas Mikstura vid kholodu (Potion Against Cold); the debutants of the show  Iryna Chernobay with her Pishchany hodynnyk (Sand Clock), Svitlana Hnidenko with her Moy pastoral (My Pastoral) and Olha Hulyayeva with her Mandrivnytsya (Traveller) demonstrated a considerable potential.

In conclusion of the Kryshtalevy Syluet contest, Luciano Barbera, a great representative of Italian conservative style in fashion, showed his High Couture collection of exquisite elegance. The images that he projects for men encourage them to find time for themselves and learn how to live well, and the women are encouraged to be sure of themselves, to be bold and a bit introvert. A little unkempt look and almost no makeup add nice touches to the image of women Barbera creates.

The 10th International One-dress Contest Kryshtalevy Syluet proved to be a great show that will be remembered and the memory of which will be relished for some time to come  until the next Kryshtalevy Syluet Contest.


By Oksana TALKO

Photos have been provided
by the organisers of the 10th
International One-dress
Contest Kryshtalevy Syluet


Viktoriya Petryk and Vostorh Ballet.


Abito Vivo Dress from Gattinoni.


Designed by Ayna Gase.


Designed by Yury Varyvoda.


Designed by Natalya Vykhrystenko
and Olha Kushnirenko.


Designed by BP Stolychny.


Designed by Natalya Esmond.


Designed by Waleriy de Corsar.


Svitlana Kuzmenko.


Oksana Fursa, Stefano Barbera.


Maryna and Zoya Kinakh.


Marysya Horobets and Luciano Barbera.


Oksana Novytska.


Mykola Tyshchenko.


Designed by Diana Dominica.


Designed by Yaroslav Ionov.


Designed by Iryna Chernobay.


Designed by Lidiya Konstantynova.


Designed by Viktor Hryhoryev.


Designed by Olena Przhonska.


Designed by Gattinoni.


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