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Seasons of Fashion pret-a-porter shows


They say that in the recent past we had maximalism in fashion; today, they say, we have minimalism that dominates in fashion. Tomorrow  what will tomorrow bring?

Fashion can be described as coded information with lines and shapes used by the fashion designers as ciphers. Every collection of clothes has its coded message which we have to decipher, understand and interpret correctly.

Those who want to get this message and understand and interpret it correctly, go to see the Ukrainian Fashion Week, the only professional show of this scale in Ukraine which meets the requirements of the European pret-a-porter fashion shows. The number of Ukrainian and foreign fashion designers who want to deliver their messages at the Ukrainian Fashion Weeks keeps growing.

In 2006, the Ukrainian Fashion Week was held at the Alta Center in Kyiv, September 29 through October 17. Those who attended the spectacular shows were given ample chances to figure out what the season of spring and summer of 2007 will bring.



Photographs have been provided

by the organizing committee

of the Ukrainian Fashion Week shows


Hanna Bublyks collection made the spectators
recall the 1920s and jazz. This designer showed
dresses that hid much of the female body skirts
went down below the knee to the mid-calf, long puff
sleeves and the low waistline all combined to create
the image the designer wanted to convey.
Voluminous pockets, tulip-like skirts and a lot
of drapery created original and romantic silhouettes.





Hanna Babenko was definitely inspired
by Indian culture even before
the show of her collection began,
Oriental aromas wafted through the air.



Avtandil Tskvitynidze, a fashion
designer from Georgia, was inspired
by Georgian dolls of old times and he
put the images of the dolls in the forms
of applique and prints, onto coats and
T-shirts of his design. Bright and full
of pep, these images and the collection
in general left no one indifferent.




There was an innovation at the Ukrainian
Fashion Week the Fresh Fashion Day.
On that day, Ukrainian and British fashion
designers who are still young but who have
already made themselves known in the
world of fashion, showed their collections.
Olesya Telizhenko was one of the four
Ukrainian Fresh Fashion designers.
Her collection Miy dobry zvir (My Kind
Creature) was dedicated to the remarkable
Ukrainian naive artist Mariya Pryimachenko.
The themes of the traditional Ukrainian
decorative arts in Telizhenkos collection
must have been inspired by the fact that
both her father and mother are artists
whose art have close links with traditional
Ukrainian art and crafts.



The designer for Stolychny TM,
Eduard Nasyrov, must have been inspired
by Alfred Hitchkok, the famous horror film
director. His collection was an attempt
to combine the romanticism of the 1960s
with the brutality of the 1980s, to bring
together the esthetics of great films
and the atmosphere of modern life.




Starting from September 29,
three days were devoted to shows
of Defile Trade Mark collections,
presented by 15 trade marks. Golda
Vynohradska prefers to follow her own
line rather than abide the dictates
of fashion or the authority of progressive
brands for her Jolie Dame TM, she
created a romantic collection, Vals kvitiv
( Flower Waltz).



The Oksana Karavanska Brand
marked its tenth anniversary.
This time two collections were
presented during one show
Pret-a-porter SpringSummer 2007,
and Couture Summer 2007. Tango was
an element that united two collections.




Roksolana Bohutska, a fashion
designer from Lviv, dedicated her
collection to 750-year anniversary
of her native town. During the show
of her collection, the spectators felt
transported to Lvivs nineteenth century.
Incidentally, in those times, Lviv followers
of fashion regularly went to Paris
to see fashion shows there.



Olena Holets, from Dolcedonna TM,
presented her collection Bonjour Mon Ami!
in such a way that the spectators must
have felt transported to Saint-Tropez
in France on a summer night with its
atmosphere of chic and high fashion.
The designer used expensive fabrics
that looked very aristocratic, hand-made
tussah from India included, buttons with
photos on them, unusual hats. The handbags
that were shown as accessories
to the dresses bore Olena Holets logotype;
the accessories were developed at
an Italian factory which supplies well-known
fashion houses with its products.
The shoes were also made in Italy.
At 86 Bozhenko Street or at Alta Tsentr
Trade Center, 11-A Moskovsky Prospect,
you can see new fashion collections!








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