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4-star Palmira Palace Hotel in the Crimea


The south coast of the Crimea is generally recognized as one of the most beautiful places in Europe and its wonderful climate, subtropical conditions and luxuriant vegetation are comparable to those of the south coasts of France and Spain. On top of all that, the south cost of the Crimea is an ideal place for health improvement: the mountain air and the sea air combined produce a highly salubrious effect, and the curative properties of the many factors available there have been medically confirmed. The Crimea also offers rich cultural heritage and plenty of historical sites for tourists to visit.

In earlier times, all of these tourist attractions were there but foreign tourists were reluctant to come to the Crimea because of the low standards of very peculiar services, lack of a developed tourist infrastructure, visa and other problems. Now, fifteen years after Ukraine regained her independence, things have radically changed. You can get a visa for a two-week stay in the Crimea right at the airport on arrival in Simferopol; you can find excellent accommodation at four-star level hotels, and the tourist infrastructure has also been considerably improved. The number of foreign tourists who come to the Crimea keeps rising, according to the Ministry of Tourism and Resorts of the Crimea, the average annual increase in the number of foreign tourists in recent years constituted ten percent, and last year it rose to 25 percent.

Yalta is often referred to as the jewel of the Crimea. This town is indeed becoming a place that can meet high European standards. The fact that many important international events take place in Yalta speaks for itself.

The Livadia Palace where the Yalta conference of Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt was held in 1945 is usually chosen as the venue of summits and other top events. The Livadia Palace remains a major tourist attraction and visiting dignitaries are always taken on tours of the palace where they are offered to sit in the chairs or on the marble benches on which the leaders of the Soviet Union, UK and the USA once sat.

Livadia is much more than a palace. A great park, breath-taking panoramas, spectacular scenery, the magnificent silhouette of Mount Ai-Petri, the sun-drenched beaches, the warm sea and the balmy air make Livadia a splendid place to come to and enjoy a holiday.

It is there that the Palmira Palace Hotel is situated. This hotel complex was opened last year and it has already been called an oasis of VIP service.

The complex has been designed to provide maximum comfort and services that meet the most stringent requirements of the tourist industry. The Palmira Palace Hotel has 170 comfortable and beautifully furnished rooms, its own beach and everything else that makes a stay at the hotel a memorable experience. The services provided meet all the needs and wishes of the guests. The hotel complex with its scenic location has all that is needed for repose and health improvement, but at the same time it has facilities for holding conferences and seminars. No wonder such well known Russian or Ukrainian companies as Rosno Insurance Company, Raihle I de Massari Ukraine Firma and Eurolife Company choose the Palmira Hotel as the venue for their conferences and workshops.



The Palmira Palace Hotel is situated 8 kilometres from the centre of Yalta on the south coast of the Crimea in a scenic park, not far from the Kichkine Palace, once an estate of Grand Duke Dmitry, the son of Konstantin Romanov from the last ruling dynasty of Russia.

The distance to the Palmira Palace Hotel from the airport in Simferopol is 110 kilometres, and from the airport in Sevastopol  120 kilometres; the distance from the railroad terminal in Simferopol to the Palmira Palace Hotel is 90 kilometres.



play rooms for children and playground;


elevator (from the park to the beach) with a panoramic view, the only one of its kind in the Crimea;

big lobby good for exhibitions;

open-air sea water swimming pool with a bar and childrens area;

night club;

hookah bar with a terrace that offers a breathtaking panorama;

billiard room with a bar;

banquet hall;

lobby bar and phyto bar;

table tennis;

foreign currency exchange outlet;



parking for 20 cars.


SPA Centre

The Palmira Palace Hotel SPA centre is equipped with SPA facilities at the cutting edge of technology and is provided with cosmetic products made exclusively of natural ingredients.

fitness facilities;

workout gym and aerobics gym;

indoor sea water pool with effects of cross-current, air geyser, waterfall and side hydromassage;

baths (Finnish and Russian saunas Japanese contrast baths; Turkish Hammam and Roman steam room);

medical services;

express diagnostics;

balneology ( baths complex and mud treatment)

massage (over fifteen kinds of massages).


Food and drinks

restaurant  breakfast

buffet service; half/full board

buffet line/continental

banquet hall and terrace;


Business Centre with conference halls (40 and 200 seats) and two meeting rooms. Conference halls are equipped with the modern equipment and system of simultaneous interpretations. The centre is equipped with computers, access to the Internet, Fax machines, e-mail, Xerox machines; laptops for rent.



standard rooms and luxury suites;

differently designed rooms;

rooms for physically handicapped



rent service (beach and water sports paraphernalia);

yacht sailing.


Other accommodations

high speed elevators;

air conditioning;

multi-channel satellite television, with at least 5 stations broadcasting in European languages;

worldwide telephone connection;

mini-bars with a wide selection of drinks to suit all tastes;

safe in every room.



Guided sightseeing tours; booking of theatre and other entertainment tickets; rent of sports paraphernalia for adults and children (bicycles, scooters, badminton rackets, etc.)


Booking of rooms and payment

Rooms can be booked via the Internet, by telephone or by Fax 24/7; bills can be paid with credit cards; 24/7 reception desk service; easy access to the left luggage office and lockers, safe deposits, pay phones and automatic teller machine.


Palmira Hotel and Wellness Philosophy

Wellness is a delicate way to good health through a complex of relaxation exercises in order to achieve a harmony of body and soul.

The Crimea with its remarkable natural beauty is an ideal place for practising the Wellness philosophy. The southern coast of the Crimea was appreciated by the members of the Romanov dynasty in the nineteenth century and they and the aristocracy had many palaces and villas built there which remain remarkable architectural landmarks.

Botkin, the doctor of Nicholas II, the Russian last tsar, provided advice as to how to make the sojourn in the Crimea a truly royal experience. Magnificent parks, exotic plants, ponds and fountains were designed to give ample opportunities for physical exercise and for repose. Such a combination was expected to produce the best health improvement results. Take a walk along the shaded paths, rest in the shade of cedars and other majestic trees, and let the soft gurgle of the brook and the distant sounds of the surf soothe your soul into serenity.

The air filled with aromatic vapours of the coniferous trees and other trees has curative properties. There are about forty routes of walking tours that run along the south coast of the Crimea. The longest of them is the one which is known as The Tsars Trail; Botkin was instrumental in literally blazing this trail which wends its way through the mountains with leafy forested slopes and sunny meadows. The members of the Romanov family took long walks and now, a hundred years later, you are welcome to follow in the royal footsteps.

The Wellness Spa of the Palmira Hotel is the place to go to if you want to experience the whole gamut of health improvement, ranging from the salubrious air, sea, mountains to the luxury and comfort of a modern hotel. A stay at the Palmira Hotel will provide you with a great reserve of energy that will last you a long time. You will be able to deal with challenges of work and everyday life much better.

Those who are young will feel even younger, and those who are of a more advanced age will discover that age is a very relative thing  we remain young if we feel young.


Alupkinskoye Shosse B 12/a, Kurpaty, Greater Yalta, Crimea, 98656, Ukraine

Tel.: + 38 (0654) 275 300, 275 353. Fax: +38 (0654) 247 000











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