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One-dress fashion design contest


Kryshtalevy syluet  Crystal Silhouette  is the name given to fashion shows which are regularly held in Kyiv. But Kryshtalevy syluet are fashion shows with a difference  each fashion designer who participates in these shows presents only ONE dress.


Fashion has become all pervasive  there are fashions and vogues in all the spheres of our life. There is a fashion that tells you how to behave, a fashion that dictates how to decorate your apartment, a fashion how to talk, a fashion in doing this and that, and all these fashions change, sometimes so fast that you may suffer from vertigo. But as Coco Chanel, the famous French fashion designer, once remarked, Everything is in our hands  so you must never give up.

Fashion shows reflect not only the changes in fashion design  they also reflect the mood of the times. At the latest Kryshtalevy syluet shows in Kyiv, there was no jury panel of professional fashion designers to pass judgment on dresses shown  the judgment was entrusted to the public. And the results proved to be quite unexpected  what the fashion and art critics marked out as worthy of prizes was ignored by the public. But the publics choice does reflect the public opinion  at least the opinion of that section of the public that took part in the interactive voting.

One may be sure that the next time, the organizer of the Kryshtalevy syluet shows will reinstitute a professional jury but the public will still be able to express their opinion.

This next time is planned for the end of the year. The Kryshtalevy syluet organizers have already put out feelers and have turned to a number of leading world fashion designers with a proposal to come to Kyiv and sit on the jury of the Kryshtalevy syluet shows. Who will accept the invitation is not known yet, but Valentino was named among possible jurors.

The qualification procedure for participation in the Kryshtalevy syluet shows has been changed to meet the requirements of higher standards.

The choosing of the participants will begin two weeks before the shows. Ayna Gase and Serhiy Yermakov, well-known Ukrainian fashion designers, have already confirmed their agreement to take part in the shows. Both of them have already won Kryshtalevy syluet prizes and both are ambitious enough to try again.

Among the fashion designers who are likely to contend for the prizes at the next Kryshtalevy syluet shows were: Svitlana Kalinichenko from Cherkasy who showed a dress stylized to look Victorian; Hanna Kuzmenko from Odesa charmed the public with the pure and laconic lines in her black-and-white dress Pianino (Piano); Olena London from Kyiv used satin and silk to win the public; Oleksandr Ocheretny from Vinnytsya added ethnographic and fantastic touches to his wonderful dress; Serhiy Mykhailov with his Frantsuzhenka (French Woman), Iryna Shumlyanska with her Pryvid opery (Ghost of the Opera), both of them from the same town of Vinnytsya, earned praise; the model, Kateryna Onyshchuk, who was excellent in showing these dresses, added still more prestige to this Ukrainian city.

Olha Slobodyanyuk from Khmelnytsky who had already participated in the Kryshtalevy syluet shows, confirmed that she was a talented designer; the dress she presented had an impressive cut and very well balanced accessories. Svitlana Voit from Dnipropetrovsk stood out among the debutants with her dress Znatna dama (Noble Woman).

The recent Kryshtalevy syluet shows amply demonstrated that the Ukrainian fashion design is developing in a steady and progressive manner, gaining in prestige and recognition.


By Oksana TALKO

Photos have been provided by the organizers

of the Kryshtalevy syluet shows.


Yuriy Kosyuk, President of Myronivsky
Khliboprodukt company.


From Olga Lynnyks collection.


From Tetyana Ostroverkhova
and Viktor Zavadskys collection.


From Olena Zhurbas collection.


From Olena Zhurbas
and Iryna Volynets collection.


From Yuliya Sumenkos collection.


From Iryna Shumlyanskas collection.


From Nadiya Hanzhas collection.


From Nadiya Hanzhas collection.


From Olena Lutsenkos
collection (Grand-Prix).


Tina Karol, the guest of the contest.


From Iryna Krylovas collection.


Yegor Zaytsev from Russia.


From Serhiy Mykhaylovs collection.


From Olha Oleksandrovas collection.


From Olha Slobodyanyuks collection.


From Svitlanas Voyts collection.


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