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A festival of Polish cuisine in Kyiv


The Kyiv Restaurant Opalkova Hata, jointly with Hurme (Gourmet) Magazine, held a festival of Polish cuisine within the framework of the World Cuisines Program in Kyiv. The venue was the Restaurant Opalkova Hata which specializes in dishes of Polish cuisine.

The Restaurant Opalkova Hata has a central house, which is surrounded by smaller houses, all stylized to look like Ukrainian traditional peasant houses. During the Festival of Polish Cuisine held there, each of these houses offered all kinds of Polish dishes from all parts of Poland.

Wieslaw Ambros, the great maestro of Polish cuisine, a member of the World Association of Chefs who is the disciple of such great chefs as Pier Delacroix and Kurt Scheller, was invited to add his very special touch to the Festival  and he did.

Among the dishes offered were mutton hulyash, kvashenytsya with pork ribs, hunters klyotsky, herring in sour cream with onions, fried potatoes with caraway seeds, and fried brynza cheese with cranberries.

Those who came to participate in the Festival were offered more than Polish dishes  they were invited to learn how to cook these dishes. The cooking lessons were provided by the Ukrainian cooks and Mr Wieslaw Ambros as well.

In addition to practical advice, Mr Wieslaw Ambros told stories about all kinds of Polish dishes, their peculiarities and origin.

A very popular Polish soup, for example, which is very thick, is made from vegetables, beef, cheese and spices; bigos is made from cabbage and meat, and chernyna is made from giblets, goose blood and vegetables; zhurek soup with sausage, borsch with stuffed dumplings are among the most popular Polish soups. In general, it can be said that some of Polish dishes closely resemble some Ukrainian dishes. However, instead of bread to go with the soup, Poles serve potatoes, halushky, pyrizhky or kasha.

The guests of the Polish Cuisine Festival were not only fed and taught  they were also entertained.

After a short ceremony of greetings in which the ex-president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk took part, it was the turn of Mr Wieslaw Ambros to show his art. He cooked dishes in front of the enthralled audience and these dishes were immediately auctioned. The most expensive dish turned out to be fried salmon. All the proceeds from the auction went to the Charity Fund Pryyateli ditey (Childrens Friends).

The proprietor of the Restaurant Opalkova Hata Tomasz Tomczyk was given prizes by Hurme (Gourmet) Magazine; a gala concert, with the participation of Ukrainian and Polish performers followed, and the evening was crowned with fireworks.

It is planned to make such festivals an annual event.



Photo by O. HOROBETS


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